The Decree

(This is the decree that we will all use at 1:48am EST on Wednesday, December 2 in Florida.)

As Christ’s ekklesia on the earth, we have been delegated His supreme authority to declare into the spiritual realm what is lawful and unlawful, forbidden and allowed. We have been given Christ’s keys with which to close doors no one can open, and open doors no one can close.

According to His instructions, we join together in unity across our nation tonight - from the first state to the last - in order to end Valkyrie’s plot to steal America’s 2020 elections. We agree with the angel of the Lord and using his very words, join him in decreeing that when the clock strikes 3:00 AM, (Eastern Standard time), Valkyrie will fall and will not sing. The plot will end.

We declare that our prayers are causing the witchcraft and curse to bounce back on the sender. We decree that the Commander’s judgments are supreme!!! And we decree the scales of Justice will now tip and become perfectly balanced.

We decree the next 4 years of Donald John Trump’s Presidency will see the fruit of God’s divine Reset of America. We will experience a Third Great Awakening; we will return to our ancient paths and foundations, including being a voice of the gospel of the kingdom to all the earth; and America’s heart will be captured once again by her Creator, Yahweh.

In Christ’s “all authority” we make this ruling.


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