Justification is a uniquely complex behavior that consumes a great deal of human emotion energy and mental focus. Perhaps we believers should be the least involved in this behavior since we have they understanding of forgiveness, mercy, grace, repentance and transformation. Right?

I mean, if we understand anything about being a believer, we surely understand God’s strategy for messing up! If we sin, we have an Advocate with the Father. Confess you sins and God is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Confess your faults to one another that you may be healed. We confess to be forgiven. We repent to be changed. Right?

Justification short-circuits the strategy of God to deal with our faulty behaviors.

“Look around and you will see systems and processes of justification everywhere in human affairs. Arguments, debates, moral dictates, excuses, laws, as well as many of the more core beliefs about the self, all involve the process of explaining why certain claims, thoughts, or actions are warranted. In virtually every form of social exchange, from blogging to warfare to politics to family struggles to science, humans are constantly justifying their behaviors to themselves and to others. Moreover, justification processes are a uniquely human phenomenon. Other animals communicate, struggle for dominance, and form alliances. But they don’t justify why they do what they do. We are the justifying animal.” [Psychology Today]

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Dr. Don

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