Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms are open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10AM to 3PM

The Healing Rooms are where we pursue Holy Spirit and His power in a special time of ministry. It’s a place we see God bring new life, wholeness, and love to those suffering from physical ailments. We are joy-filled believers who see God bring complete restoration and healing.

If you are in need of prayer for a breakthrough, financial needs, or healing in your body, our Healing Rooms team is ready to pray for you.

Healing Rooms

There is no need to 'sign up' or reserve a spot to visit. But we also are available to take your requests/needs through the week and pray for you.

Healing Rooms Contact

Weekly Ministry Opportunities

Throughout the week we have multiple opportunities for you to join us and plug in to FreedomHouse both as the Ecclesia and as a regional Apostolic Resource Center. Here's a list of our our weekly gatherings. You can view monthly and/or conference type meetings on our events page.

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