2021: A Call to Original Ekklesia

Ignore the Dead End Detours

Prophetic websites, leading church-growthism syncretism with apostolic restorationists, and general neo-evangelical urban legends combine with early church myths that ignore Scripture and common sense to produce terrible misconceptions and misrepresentations of the kingdom of God and its Ekklesia.

Now, responding to the pandemic instead of the Bible, we have this wave of “God is going to put us all into three-bedroom suburban domiciles before He blesses us with signs and wonders.”

No, no, no, and no!

We cannot ignore the Bible. We cannot prophesy from the natural environment. We cannot perpetuate myths. We cannot fall prey to exaggerations of metaphors. We cannot expand the very thing God is correcting.

Lawlessness and Disorder

In kingdom culture, God’s government provides law and order. Of course, it is based upon the law of love and liberty. The idea that the law of love and liberty is lawlessness and license cannot stand. That is the very thing God is correcting. That is the very thing exploding into manifestation in our culture that God requires His kingdom to overcome.

We are overcoming lawlessness and disorder in the kingdom instead of seeking greater syncretism with the existing culture’s anarchy and chaos.

The law and order of God’s government are as eternal as God. The law and order of civil government are as old as Creation.

We have the kingdom mandate expressed in the Great Commission for apostolic order and kingdom culture: “train the ones with transformed lives to obey all I have commanded you.”

We have the enduring Cultural Mandate for civil government and existing cultures: “multiply, fill the Earth, subdue, and take dominion over Creation.”

We have the opposite spiritual condition and conspiracy in antichrist operating from Eden to this moment on a global and cosmic scale. We have the kingdom mandate reset by Jesus with the power of the Cross and Spirit.

We have the authorization to represent Heaven on Earth for God’s government in the spiritual kingdom and God’s designed civil government in our culture. The spiritual is much more potent than the natural, so the kingdom reset of Jesus provides for more efficient and effective influence upon existing cultures than any previous strategy with Israel as God’s representative on Earth.

The Exaggeration of a Metaphor

We now have the apostolic restoration hammered into an exaggeration of a metaphor leading us into grave disappointment rather than glorious fullness in our appointment. The myths that support this disappointment are as previous and misleading as the pandemic now corrupting our nation.

We are not looking for tiny house churches as the boom of post-spiritual war harvest gathering.

There has never been a moment in the history of God’s kingdom when the natural family was the model for kingdom Ekklesia. There has never been one moment in human history that Jesus built His Ekklesia in tiny domiciles. There has never been a suggestion in the Bible that the kingdom was a collection of house churches.

There is a strong syncretism of church-growthism and the restoration of apostolic order reaching an exaggeration. The correction of that trend is necessary as we enter the New Era Reformation.

The kingdom’s urban myth that the kingdom never used buildings until Constantine has become a legend of colossal proportion believed like superstition and perpetuated by the lawlessness derived from the loss of kingdom culture.

The Kingdom Culture

We cannot re-pioneer the kingdom Ekklesia without the kingdom culture.

Anyone interested in the original design and definition of Ekklesia must first reject the contemporary forms of church-growthism that begin with the very opposite context as kingdom culture and kingdom Ekklesia.

We do not confront the existing culture but infiltration. We do not lead it from within by matching its norms externally. We do not find ourselves with a voice because our music crosses into pop or our daughters win beauty contests. After all, they are as svelt as the pagans. We do not influence the existing culture by doing what they do and valuing what they value, then becoming as excellent as in those non-priorities.

The idea that we should have some movie stars that remain married or some politicians that have Bible studies and some medical doctors that discover cures, and some scientists smart enough to propel a spaceship compounds this exaggeration.

Jesus had no such idea in His mind then or isn’t hoping to introduce that idea today.

The kingdom culture alone can support the kingdom Ekklesia. We have lost kingdom come as a concept. Thus we have no context for kingdom culture as a foundation. Therefore we are weakened in lifestyle to expand kingdom conquest.

The Harvest Gathered

The harvest comes into the kingdom. No one is born into the Ekklesia. No one person is the Ekklesia. No two or three is the Ekklesia. No individual kingdom ministry can be the Ekklesia in a region or nation.

Nearly all that we now do in the name of churchism is either completely bogus and illegitimate or needs to cease. Kingdom ministry piecemealed into various silos needs to come into kingdom culture and apostolic order. Then, and only then, can a regional and national Ekklesia function.

Nearly all legitimate ministries are kingdom ministries, not “church” by original design and definition. The trend is now to further alienate from that original foundation of kingdom culture by a novel model of disorder that cannot operate in kingdom culture.

The harvest is gathered into the kingdom, brought into order as a building to completion, prepared and positioned to function in operational integrity as a body, and matured in relational dynamics to complete the covenantal relationship as the Bride.

The Call to Re-pioneer

As we enter 2021, the most exciting example of this restoration occurs at the forefront of the battle to save America from Her most deadly attack from the ancient spiritual conspiracy against Jesus. A kingdom Ekklesia is essential, rising in functionality, and leading toward the New Era Reformation by necessity.

We are in life and death moments of history. We are hanging by a thread of mercy as strong as the radical, representative Remnant. We are saved by that apostolic order! We are in Reformation fires and Awakening light!

The kingdom culture must be re-pioneered as the context for the kingdom Ekklesia with apostolic order as the architectural strategy and battlefield plan for victory.

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