The Burning Whirlwind

We don’t know from whence it comes or to where it blows, but we see it manifest at the point of confrontation. There is fire in God’s breath, but we only see it when it meets with the breath of hell.

We assume that God will do this while we watch, but we are wrong. I only see the whirlwind where God’s people breathe out what God has breathed into them. Only the burning Remnant can release this wind, and it only burns when they release it with authority and power to alter atmospheres, to push back the breath of a systematic delusion.

Whatever release the breath of God from us counters the prevailing spiritual conditions around us. Simply burning is not enough to represent heaven on earth. Simply being a burning one isn’t enough to fulfill the purpose of the flame. Simply breathing in, even being consumed by the fire, isn’t enough because we cannot represent heaven on earth by consuming or being consumed. Simply being without doing isn’t enough.

So I declare,  Breath of God, confront the contrary winds of systematic delusion. Let the flames burn hot at the points of confrontation. Let the whirlwind arise from the effects of spiritual causes so that they are identified by their spiritual nature more than their natural consequences. Let the revelation of “where comes this atmosphere” be revealed by this confrontation, burning off the masks of deception, consuming the systems of delusion. Let the fire in God’s breath, released through a burning Remnant, do more than identity His people – let the fire identify His purposes!”

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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