Questions for Kingdom Leaders in a New Era

Dutch Sheets, Jane Hamon, Clay Nash, and myself (not in the same classification with them but hear the same sound) have been speaking of the historic season as the introduction of “a New Era”.

As Dutch Sheets spoke of the new era today, I saw an acrostic revelation of what leaders need to consider in personal preparation for leading in this historic time:

“E” for Ekklesia

We discuss the meaning of this word in the mouth of Jesus and vital shift to its original design and definition often. As we do so, we need to answer this question:

“Am I using the key revealed by Paul in Ephesian 3:10 effectively since it serves as the backdrop of how a kingdom leaders responds in his or her representation of Jesus?”

“R” for Relationships

We must answer this question for ourselves, not that one answer is the only answer:

“Was Paul right in his response to John Mark, a decision that separated he and Barnabas in their ‘separated to’ assignment and alignment?”

“A” for Ascendency

We speak of going to the next level in kingdom leadership, but the ascendency was the occasion of Paul’s thorn in the flesh, so we must answer the question:

“Did Paul submit to the thorn or to God?”

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