Spent some time in prayer during the night, during the lunar eclipse, but rested as morning was coming on. Then, at 9:11 AM, God spoke to me, “They are planning another 911. Multiple cities. Multiple nations. Multiple sites.”

Immediately I heard Him say, “Psalm 91:1.” We know this Scripture well, “He that spends his days in the hidden, protective custody of the Most High is really spending the night or relaxing in refuge tucked under the arm of the Almighty.”

While the enemy works in secret, the dwellers are held in secret as well. The watchman can see because of their positioning; they can see the secrets revealed.

Last year at this time we were praying prophetically: “We heard in the Spirit words including “Detroit, Amsterdam, fuse fail, the perpetrator revealed by failure.” We were praying specifically for God to reveal the hidden strategy of the enemy. The Christmas, underwear bomber’s fuse failed, burned him painfully, exposed his plot, and God saved that plane. God spared the nation what would have occurred had the bomb been successful, and revealed a major strategy of the enemy to destroy. The tactic was revealed.

I am certain many other intercessors were praying as well, but I know that God has a strategy of prayer for us be on a par with the urgency of the moment.

The enemy is counting on us taking some time off for the holidays. Neither God nor hell takes a Christmas vacation. The enemy is counting on us being distracted until mid-January with transitional and traditional tensions. And, hell wants to mark its own mark on 2011 before it starts.

We are going to do a 411 and 911! We are gonna get God’s information and pray out God’s emergency response. “Whatever has already been limited in Heaven, limit on earth.” We have keys to limit, curse, and bind what God has already limited, cursed, and bound. He gave us the keys, however, so we gotta say something!

The word “emergency” means “unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate attention” and comes from the root “emerge,” signifying the revealing of the hidden and unforeseen. Emerge means arise out of or bring into the light.” This is our 911 emergency strategy in a prophetic sense: give attention to the unforeseen by foreseeing it and responding appropriately.

The political spirit brought death and terror to Christmas when the wise men arrived from the East. Herod filled the region with horror, killing baby boys in an effort to stamp out God’s redemptive purpose. When a season of redemption is being released, hell implements a terror strategy.

God moved Jesus, Joseph, and Mary to a safe place, frustrating the efforts of hell to destroy Jesus early on. God has a strategy for safety and refuge now. We need to move into the hidden protective custody of the Most High and spend the night under Almighty’s arm!

When we speak of “what we do best” as Christians, we should be talking about worship and intercession. Verses 7- 9 say: “Even though others succumb all around, drop like flies right and left, no harm will even graze you. You’ll stand untouched, watch it all from a distance, watch the wicked turn into corpses. Yes, because God’s your refuge, the High God your very own home.” (The Message)

But the reason we are protected isn’t only to be safe. It is to join with the Most High and release from the Almighty escape for others and the thorough defeat of the enemy!

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