Holy Spirit moved my imagine about financial integrity and the Bible’s presuppositions about giving. After much research – haven’t stopped that – I felt that I heard some things from the Bible with application and implementation for the Roaring Twenties.

Among them, I saw in the Spirit a kingdom-wide movement to capitalize the greatest harvest of history. There’s a precedent of this behavior in the Early days of the kingdom reset and initial Ecclesia in Jerusalem. The pattern speaks to the very circumstances approaching us, and it does not apply only in the United States of America.

The originating apostles were in an awkward position with the sudden influx of thousands of people. Three thousand males were baptized, not counting women and children. They went from a group of leaders ready for power and authority to train the people to live in kingdom culture in a big way!

Of course, there were twelves of them working at the challenge, and the organization strategy was Oikos to Oikos. The Oikos could involve hundreds of people, so the initial training sessions were not small. Still, an entire culture had to be set up.

That meant money for the initial kingdom-economy capitalization was essential, urgent, and massive.

We face such a moment. It is not a crisis. It is an opportunity.

Sacrifice means that lands, houses, inheritances, and businesses will be sold and proceeds from them will move directly to pioneering, originating apostles.

I would suggest that foundations will be set up to receive and distribute these funds, and apostles with international metron will lead these foundation decisions.

I would suggest that these foundations be set up now and that apostolic oversight begin now with apostles and prophets sitting in counsel upon councils. I would suggest that Holy Spirit will speak when these apostles move from using money without partiality to their buddies and spiritual families and operate with blueprints from the King for apostolic pioneering.

I would suggest that apostles operating in tandem like Barnabas and Paul will travel into nations armed with elders who are expert in every gate of culture, carrying a war chest of kingdom building, displace the prevailing spiritual connection in that region, and call an Ecclesia to begin legislating, judging, and administrating a kingdom plan of action for kingdom culture’s influence upon that area of targeted apostolic transformation.

This would include campaigns for all five of the kingdom leadership dynamics as evangelism responds to a billion souls coming into the kingdom.

Fathering nations would begin with these financial foundations led by fathering apostles. From these Remnant cultures, priorities for apostolic pioneering would determine the distribution of funds. Like the book of Acts, where the tarrying burns with empowerment, where momentum is occurring, where Philip-like evangels see a harvest, apostle respond to bring kingdom infrastructure and commit time to train that hot spot in kingdom culture, teaching them to obey all Jesus commanded the originating apostles.

The response will include many people of different economic levels liquidating assets to capitalize the kingdom in a season of unprecedented expansion.

I would also suggest – and I have a Kingdom Center, so I see this as a priority so it fair to mention this – that in fathering nations very specific campus-like schools of Tyrannus are already being marked out.

My good friend, Clay Nash, has such a vision in Arkansas called The Ark that needs capitalization right now. As an example, this will be a national and international destination point for international level exposure to kingdom leadership.

I had a vision of Clay in a military tank. He turned the turret and aimed the massive gun. He fired a shot from the camouflage of that kingdom location, the Ark, and I heard the words, “A shot heard around the world.”

I have a Kingdom Center, and I know of several that I have helped to start in the nations. I would suggest that these present the model that answers to Paul’s leadership in Ephesus for territorial kingdom establishing, leadership training, and kingdom culture as a basis for spiritual influence at the gates of culture.

Consider how God might have you liquidate property, houses, inheritance, assets, and “saved that for a rainy day” possessions to fund the greatest harvest of history. Expect the stakes to increase in terms of what is a priority in all our lives. Make the decision now to obey God when He drops financial assets into your hands that He provides for the Roaring Twenties.

The Book of Acts will come alive for kingdom capitalization!

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