A Case Study in Prophetic Messaging

Another poorly communicated prophetic dream by a young prophet who continues to insist upon seeing himself as a voice with greater volume than he should be applying to his words.

The latest edition of “dream time quotations from Jesus” is about Marco Rubio, and the dream, as other dream presented by this young prophetic man, is poorly communicated. It contains commentary and interpretation that leads us to assume that the actual dream contained details and “quotations” that were not part of the original dream.

Why is this obvious? Because the Lord doesn’t have a faulty knowledge base on history. The phrase used to describe Rubio’s role, relating him one of the founding fathers, jumps to a conclusion we cannot make about this founding father with reference to Mr Rubio. The assumption is that God was merely asking us all to pray for Mr Rubio because his destiny was to be like this founding father’s, but the actual writing doesn’t reflect this because it communicates “quotes from Jesus” that do not fit the conclusions.

The point I’m making, a point I’ve made with hundreds of people with reference to their revelatory dreams, is the difference between prophetic dreams and dreams that prophesy.

The assumption of the young prophet makes, as he has on numerous occasions while refusing to receive the needed correction to this practice, is to jump to conclusions in his own mind about the assignment in the dream, the idea that God has made him a voice to a generation simply because he hears and sees revelation. Using this framework as the filter system for his dream, he assumes the dream prophesies when it is simply a prophetic dream.

He quotes Jesus saying that Marco Rubio has a “mantle” named and identified by one of the founding fathers who had no mantle. The founding father was not a believer, denied the deity of Jesus, and became a dissenter in the very formation of Biblical worldview that made the liberties we hold dear inalienable. This founding father was willing to say “Creator” only because he was a deist, not because He believed Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Creator!

Is this a false dream or is this young man a false prophet? No. Not so much as he is communicating poorly what God is saying to him. Is it rebellion or immaturity? I know not. I am not his father, mentor, or associate. I can say that the communication of the dream isn’t consistent with revelatory maturity, and that this is not an uncommon misstep in prophetic process. The point I can make is that the framework into which he is fitting the dream and its communication is the source of its inconsistency.

He finalizes by saying that we should all pray for Marco Rubio because he is going to do something we should anticipate as an Elijah mantel, turning the hearts of father and children to one another. How this dream relates to a joining of generations isn’t mentioned in the dream or its quotes.

The quotes themselves are not something to be shared with the nation at all, and that is where the final product falls short. It is poorly communicated because it doesn’t have a divinely intended audience. God did not give this dream so that it could be communicated to a nation or generation, but the young prophet assumes so because he sees this as his positioning.

I read the dream, then I scratched my head. I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to understand from God’s revelation, or even what I should pray for Marco Rubio. What the young prophet assumed what the message fails to compute for me. It most certainly doesn’t mesh with the recent behavior of Marco Rubio!

My conclusion: the young prophet scored a bunch of attention prophesying about Trump and thought more communication about a Presidential candidate would be in order, that this was a subconscious conclusion based upon the faulty framework of his prophetic communication style and his refusal to receive adequate leadership as a filter instead of his own assumptions.

Over the past two years, I have seen this same immaturity and inadequacy played out with dreams, the hope that a personal dream can be used to produce a national audience.

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