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I had a dream. I’m walking through a museum of entertainment with a guide. Each display in this exhibit involves a very famous song or scene. In each case, the singer, director, or person in charge didn’t want to include the song or scene. Yet, the song or scene became the most famous of the movie or entertainer’s life.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” almost failed to make the final cut of “Wizard of Oz.” It remains the most famous of the songs of that historic film.

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” salvaged George Jones’s career and probably saved his life.

I saw Elvis exhibits, and movie exhibits on either side of this hall. The entire presentation was about successful things after those who handled them failed to discern their worth at the time.

The last exhibit was Billy Graham’s. The president of his Bible school said, “William, you will not amount to a hill of beans.”

Who Do Men Say I Am?

I remembered the salient moment when Jesus asks, “Who do men say I am?” The answer was a summary of common conclusions. “Some way you are Elijah. Some say you are Isaiah. Some say you are one of the prophets.”

In other words, “No one thinks you are Messiah.”

When Simon Peter says, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the God Who lives,” Jesus discloses the problem. “You can only know this by revelation.”

“Simon, flesh and blood did not to reveal this to you.” Jesus says, “I didn’t reveal this to you either.”

As if, He had been with you all this time, but I have not revealed to you who I am. I have revealed Who I am to the people. I have not made my case for messianic ascendancy.

“Simon, My Father in Heaven revealed this to you. And this is the mighty Gibraltar upon which I will construct My Ecclesia. That Ecclesia will expand in construction. It eclipses the influence of prevailing spiritual conditions.”

Only by Heavenly Revelation

Kingdom of God and what kingdom is doing among us requires revelation from the Father. We cannot discern it with flesh and blood, church growth measurements or methods.

Notice that the revelation is one of origination. The Father reveals. The Father reveals because the Father originates. He is revealing original design and definition.

Father reveals that discarded foundations stones are the Chief Cornerstone of Ecclesia. Current church norms set aside original design. It cannot fit the current style. “Original” is now the foundation stone of a New Era Ecclesia.

The stone the builders dismissed becomes the essential of the entire enterprise.

Stop and reset your life to Father’s revelation. Remember the most successful songs, scenes, and people I saw in that dream. What Jesus builds upon now is only available through Revelation. The Bible already reveals this original. A new Fathering Leadership will speak with Father in Heaven as Simon Peter did.

A new kingdom leadership will prepare and position what has been disregarded by man. A New Era Reformation will begin.

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