A Revival Dream

September 22, 2015

The setting of the dream reminded me of scenes I’ve seen in Colorado Springs and Israel’s Mount Carmel, and we were in a valley-like setting that seemed to combine The Valley of the Gods in Colorado Springs and the view from Mount Carmel. I had the clear-cut impression that the place where we were had a “holy land” element.

I know this applies to the United States in the sense of our nation’s holy purpose, the land’s holy purpose would be understood as “what God wants for America as a nation representing Him among the nations.”

We were gathered for an apostolic convocation. One hundred to one hundred and fifty people were attending, but the meetings had concluded as far as the apostolic council was concerned. We were gathered in a sort of debriefing session on an upper level of the arena where the conference had been held. The arena had banked seating like a basketball or volleyball arena, and the one hundred to one hundred and fifty were sitting up near the top.

I stood up and looked up at the group in the theatre seating and said, “So, what we know now, from the word of our national leader, what we have all felt confirmed by Holy Spirit, is that we enter the ‘Valley of the Sent Ones’ in October, right?” I turned to look right at the leader when I said this, and he was agreeing with that summary statement.

[I was referring to our discussion of Isaiah 6. I have been preaching on Restoring the Sound of Glory and Overshadowing Glory, and this was the atmosphere we had experienced during the conference. This was my reference point of the spiritual atmosphere. The dream occurred within this revelation context.]

The leader sat back as if he realized that this was a summary conclusion to what God had been revealing. When I said, “The Valley of the Sent Ones,” he seemed to contemplate the meaning of the words in light of what God had revealed to the council of apostles, and said, “Yes, the gathering of those sent will be emptied of all but those God sent for this revival, and we will know those in this valley were sent by God.”

[The atmosphere in the dream was charged with Glory. What I’ve experienced in settings where authentic overshadowing was available combined into one place but at a national level.]

Then, someone else stood up to mention that their health and beauty product launch, “a revival product” that they had been selling for the three days of the conference, had failed the tests and did not produce the results they had advertised. This leader said, “Don’t worry about this,” smiling with confidence, “we know we’ll get this right. This is going to be big, and it will pay for the revival. It is the ultimate revival brand.”

[During the council, this leader had offered his testimony about revival much as the apostles discussed the salvation of non-Jews in Acts 15. We had listened to his presentation, and received samples of his three-day make over revival product.]

The national leader looked down at the floor during this statement as if embarrassed, but didn’t say anything. The sense of this portion of the dream was that we didn’t have at that time what we would have in October, but the man with the three-day makeover product was convinced when we came to the “Valley of the Sent Ones,” his product line would be completely functional and successful. He seemed to feel that this product was a valid part of the revival, and others were open to the idea as well because they had a concept of revival that included “three-day miracle makeover.”

I starting talking again: “So, October will set things in place for November. The Valley of the Sent Ones will clarify what revival is by the ones sent to carry it. We can only understand this revival once we reach the valley.”

[I was again speaking a debriefing statement as if this was the conclusion reached by our conferring together. This was my role in the dream.]

We began to understand that while everyone at the conference had legitimate insights about revival, several people in the group came to very different conclusions about strategy for it, based upon the very same revelations.

The man with the product remained seated but held up a small jar of a light blue color and said, “In just three days, this product should completely change your skin. It didn’t work here at the conference, but we will get this right. We will get this right.” The label had the words “In just 3 days” on it.

I didn’t know everyone but knew they were authentic, and some of them were from Brasil that I knew to be for real. The section we were seated in had several empty seats. Some of them were empty because people who attended the conference realized they were not part of the group and left. The seats were empty because other people would be seated in them when we came to the Valley of the Sent Ones who had not attended this particular council meeting. When we come to October, those seats will all be filled with sent ones.

I remember thinking or knowing, in the dream, that the man selling his product suffered from an inability to let go of the reality that the “three days application for instant revival” product he was selling hadn’t worked. He seemed to think that once revival came, his product would be fully successful. I was also aware that none of us said anything about it, because we all seemed to feel that the Valley of the Sent Ones would take care of this obviously flawed point of view. We felt that this man, and another group of seven or eight people scattered throughout the seats, had missed the point of the conferring, but were still good people after revival.

The entire dream speaks to the phrase, “A November to Remember.” The Valley of the Sent Ones speaks to experiences like that of Isaiah that restores the sound of Glory as preparation to be a sent one. The moment in the dream when I said the words, “The Valley of the Sent Ones,” was like a dramatic moment in a movie.

The dream opened up to a time when overshadowing was present and a number of the people in the seats were walking in that condition, both men and women. I cannot describe that in words without writing a book, but I can say that my impressions were that we were all amazed because we felt “This is it! But, it sure didn’t look and feel like what we thought.”

In addition, whatever group or persons feel that revival can be a product line made available a three-day makeover will fail and end up looking like frauds.


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