Accountability and Humility

Accountability begins with submission but cannot function without humility.

Meekness expresses leadership motivated by humility: it gains strength from its submission. Moses was meek as long as he gained his strength of leadership from the Glory, but he struck when he should have spoken when pride motivated his leadership.

While we can be held accountable for behavior, attitude, decisions, and problem solving as leaders, we jeopardize much of God’s greatest provisions for our success when we fail to hold ourselves accountable for pride. Yes, we must hold ourselves accountable for pride; “humble yourself” is the directive of Jesus, for He knows that each leader must be accountable to himself for pride.

The great burden of pride is seen in deception: falseness. False equality. False entitlement. False expectations.

False Equality

False equality presents the success of others as a breach of fairness to our false equality: “I should have the same opportunities and options as everyone else.” No! You shouldn’t because the opportunities and options open to your destiny remain consistent with your purpose, not theirs. The “I deserve” portion of the soul that flames brightly when “I demand equality” seeps through brings contrast, competition, and contention to your life.

False equality provides the political spirit a great momentum for everything contrary to the kingdom dynamics of leadership. In the kingdom, the equality comes authentically from the King. He equalizes All; and in that way, He celebrates both the uniqueness of each person He creates and the special place each has in His kingdom purposes. He does not create, assign, or expect equality.

In the kingdom, everyone receives what everyone is supposed to possess because the kingdom perpetuates through inheritance. There is no envy in authentic equality.

False Entitlement

False entitlement feeds the “I deserve” portion of the soul through envy, a form of idolatry know as “covetousness.”

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