Apostolic Order and Leviathan Systematic Delusion

God authorizes through assignments and alignments. Once apostles receive assignment, God will bring others into alignment with their assignment. Authority flows toward assignment: you have the authority of your assignment, and aligning with apostolic assignments positions you to function in that authority. All authority comes from the King and flows toward His assignments. As Head of the Body, He makes all assignments, authorizations, and alignments work together so they accomplish kingdom purposes.

In this way, kingdom consensus combines kingdom coalitions to produce kingdom cooperation and collaboration. Jesus has infinite genius to appropriate systematic spiritual dynamics (dunamis power), the power of Holy Spirit in each of us that operates in these assignments, in a way that completely fulfills both personal destinies and corporate purposes. In other words, the quickest and most efficient pathway to personal destiny fulfillment always lies in our surrender to align ourselves with apostolic assignments given by Jesus. All the assignments come from Jesus; we submit to kingdom leadership because we are submitted to Jesus.

Of course, this is the ideal that is seldom seen and difficult to experience because we have lost so much. Without a good understanding of kingdom protocols, we fail to recognize these systematic spiritual dynamics. And, our distaste with religious institutions and substitutes for this kingdom leadership has made us leery of any leadership dynamics. Our rejection of institutional bureacracies has left us longing for Jesus to allow us all to be free spirits and turned the kingdom into a charismatic Woodstock.

Enter Leviathan. hell’s answer to God’s systematic spiritual dynamics is a systematic spiritual delusion. As we examine the many Scriptures that directly discuss the spiritual dynamics of leviathan, and parallel them with the manifestations of the serpent/dragon who heads the spiritual conspiracy against the Messianic King, we see that Leviathan is a system of spiritual coalitions functioning in a strategic region with an agenda to pervert God’s purpose for that region with confusion, substitution, and delusional pride.

Whatever Jesus is for, hell is against. The agenda of darkness is simply to avoid light. To defeat this darkness we must reveal the Light of His Glory, punching holes at strategic points in the occult veil that Leviathan spreads over a region. Light pours through these punched holes and floods the region: “the knowledge of the Glory of The Lord fills the region as waters cover the sea.” The punched holes become portals or windows through which God outpours Blessing for Curse, Glory for Pride, freedom for captivity, sight for blindness, favor for poverty, and rejection for the time of God’s acceptance!

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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