Apply the Supply! – 2

The Blood Line

The blood line is a demarcation only enforce when I apply the supply. The Blood is available, with power and overcoming protection, but I must apply the Blood strategically to “draw a line” of demarcation.

The line of demarcation had already begun to work for God’s people in Egypt in the sense that the plagues did not come upon Goshen, the portion of the land in which Israel lived. Egypt suffered the plagues but their slaves did not. This was a sign to Pharoah as well as a protection to Israel.

The Passover was a covenant function of demarcation. It was not any blood that protected but the blood of the lamb in the house in which it was eaten.

The Blood line believes in God’s strategy: “Acting on what he believed, Moses appropriated the Passover and sprinkled blood so that the destroyer of the firstborn wouldn’t lay a finger on them.”

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Dr. Don

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