As It is in Heaven

The Conditions Around God

The word “circumstance” is a compound word. “Circum” or circle means “what is around you.” “Stance” means “the way things are.” Circumstance means “the way things are around you.”

In involved worship and intercession, we rise into the circumstances around the Throne of God and bring the circumstances that surround God into the conditions that surround us. The better we are at doing this, the more powerfully Heaven influences Earth.

All these circumstances are spiritual, but the spirit is more powerful than the natural. The spiritual influences upon the physical conditions lead to miracles, signs, and wonders.

The word “miracle” means “dunamis power in operation.” The manifestation of what is usually unavailable to the physical senses or the result of spiritual power upon natural conditions is miraculous. This result happens consistently. There are “unusual miracles” described in Acts 19. Spiritual power manifested in ways uncommon to the previous or other ways spiritual power had affected natural conditions.

Men and Women of Miracles

The men and women who release miracles have developed particularly special expertise in rising into the circumstances that exist around the Throne of God and bringing those circumstances into the circumstances that surround them.

They become distributors of Overshadowing Glory. (Overshadowing Glory, by Don Lynch, is available at

A natural manifestation of Overshadowing Glory occurred when Smith Wigglesworth would worship and pray caused those who attempted to worship and pray in the same prayer room to crawl out the door.

A careful reading of great leaders of previous moves of God reveals that many of them recorded a moment when they said, “God if you do not stop manifesting Glory around me, I shall surely die.” They were wrong, and they were right. They became so dead that they could live.

The Azusa Street history has elements of this concept upon display, and when they lost this aspect in the move of God, Overshadowing Glory decreased in manifestation.

Worship and Intercession

We have several models that scratch the surface of worship and intercession that rise into the circumstances of Heaven and bring them into the circumstances of Earth. No model can produce these results. It is not a model, checklist, learn experienced (in the sense of learning about it), or emulation of David’s chorus or Levites in an orchestral blend.

It is not even about music. (I know you have to lean against a wall after staggering when I say that.)

Most of our modern efforts at worship music are efforts. Most of our understanding of worship is not worship. It is not wrong, but it can never rise into the circumstances of Heaven. By that, I do not mean that people have no access to the Throne of God because that is available through Jesus in the nick of time. It requires no polished professionalism. It is mercy at work, not expertise.

By that, I mean that people start doing the very opposite of worship and intercession and rise only as high as their hearts and minds. They process the circumstances around them through a filtering system provided by church-anity and Christianized music. They sing about something and Someone.

By that, I mean that the vast majority of our “worship music” creates little worship, and what occurs in the worship show involves people ion experiencing worship more than releasing it. It does not rise into the circumstances around the Throne of God and never achieves worship and intercession with Overshadowing Glory.

Even those that do experience Overshadowing Glory seldom understand how they got there and how to return there or why they experienced it in the first place. They were singing a particular song, so they sing it again. They were at a specific location or with a particular leader or sharing with a certain culture, so they assume that is the trick to release the magic moment.
That is inaccurate.

Leadership in Worship and Intercession

When a person who does understand how to rise into the circumstances that surround the Throne of God comes along, thousands of people arrive to share the experience. They are not rising into those circumstances. They are experiencing the worship and intercession of the person who is. They experience the Anointing. They go home to a life without Glory or Anointing. They did not rise up. They experienced the worship and intercession going on at the moment. They were touched. Perhaps, they were healed or changed at some level, but they did not learn how to do the same thing.

So, the point to be made is: “What would the kingdom of God look like if we were to train the entire Ecclesia to rise into the circumstances that surround the Throne of God so that those same kingdom citizens lived that lifestyle within kingdom culture?”

Do not negate anything I include in that statement. Don’t jump around within the statement and choose parts you like. Don’t jump to conclusions about “train” or “culture” or “kingdom.” Read the entire statement several times. Then, see if you can remove any word or phrase without damaging statement as the whole.

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