Attacked at Your Homebase: Retaking Ziklag

Home base is fundamental to kingdom. God establishes “home base” as part of His strategy for establishing and expanding kingdom. He chooses places, cities, regions, and nations to house remnants. Home base is strategic. David in exile is given Ziklag by his request, and Ziklag remained a kingdom location ever after. “Then Achish gave David the town of Ziklag that day. So, Ziklag belongs to the kings of Judah to this day.” David was there a relatively short time, but the impact of his leadership was to establish Ziklag as a place of kingdom!

For a number of reasons, I believe that home base is strategic to international ministry and apostolic and prophetic foundations for the Ecclesia. The strength of your home base will determine the reach of your outreach. And, the enemy will certainly target your home base to limit your outreach as a kingdom leader. So, every kingdom leader will face Ziklag on their way to Zion. Every kingdom leader will learn the lessons of recovery before they come into the fullness of their life’s work.

At present this home base attack reveals vulnerabilities in many kingdom leaders. Some are experiencing failures from the exposure of fatal flaws, personal, family, financial, and ministry. What I mean is that when the home base is attacked, they lack the depth of David: “David strengthened himself in The Lord his God.” Everyone around him was ready to stone David. His homebase was a train wreck, personally and in leadership.

Home base is both the place of your greatest attack and your greatest victory as you move from Ziklag to Zion.

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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