Authentic Oneness

What is Oneness?

In a recent discussion about unity, I mentioned the specific prayer of Jesus: “Father, make them one, as We are one.”

The misquote of this prayer is pandemic, along with the wrong conclusion about what Jesus prays and how it will convince the existing cosmic order, the world about who we represent.

The assumption, when we are one, the world will be won,” is equally “other than” to this prayer. Oneness of the kingdom will not produce a miraculous conversion for the rest of Earth’s population.

Jesus puts context to the prayer discussion He has with Father that includes what Father will be doing when Jesus returns to His place at the Father’s right. Jesus explains what Holy Spirit will do when Father sends Him in the previous portion of the discussion.

Protect Them from the Devil

Jesus prays Father will protect the originating apostles and all those that come into kingdom citizenship after and through them.

Protect them from the evil one, Father, as I have protected them while here,” He prays. “The cosmic order hates them. They are not of this cosmic order, just as I am not of this cosmic order.”

Jesus prefaces the “make them one” prayer with a context of kingdom clash. Jesus shares God’s intentions for Earth, nations, regions, and individuals with the kingdom leaders. This revelation confronts the intentions of darkness, and this is why the cosmic order hates the representatives of Jesus.

The convincing the cosmic order aspect of this prayer is akin to Ephesians 3:10 and 1 Corinthians 2:8: the darkness that dominates this cosmic order remains ignorant of Truth. It does not operate according to revelation. It hates what opposes its intentions.

The evil one attacks what he hates, and Divine intervention alone maintains the security of those that oppose God’s enemies.

Then, Jesus prays, “Father, make them one as We are One, so the cosmic order will know You sent Me.”

The cosmic order would not have crucified Jesus had they known. The cosmic order observes and hears something from the Ekklesia about God’s original intentions. The cosmic order regards a persuasive communication from the Ekklesia only when the Ekklesia shares an ultimate agreement with God’s original intentions as God Himself.

Then, the entire system now dominating Earth will know that Jesus sent these representatives. In this way, the Ekklesia sets the agenda for spiritual warfare on the Earth and the heavenlies. In this way, a genuine response to God’s intentions is possible.

Remember what we learn from the sons of Sceva about how things really work in the spirit.

We Are not Uniform

There are alignments of apostolic order all over the Earth. There should be. God does not ask us to follow one leader at a global level in order to be one. God has no plans that ask us to “abandon post” of kingdom assignment to share specific priorities in order to “be one.”

Measuring the effectiveness of kingdom movements by any standard, but “we agree with God” and “we fulfill our assignments” is spurious. Certainly, apostles do all participate in the same assignments, even within regions and territories. Apostolic order should produce oneness in regions, territories, and nations because of agreement with God, but not because only one apostolic alignment exists in those specific areas.

Oneness, not Unity

Unity is possible on many levels by various means. Oneness is only possible through kingdom culture relationships. The oneness Jesus prays Father will make is like the Oneness of God. It is kingdom oneness. Therefore, it is only available in kingdom culture.

Only the kingdom of God produces this oneness. While marriage oneness is designed into the covenant, and pagans can enjoy oneness at some level because of that design, the oneness of kingdom culture can only become a reality when Father makes us one. That is, Father must protect us from the evil one and the satanic agenda, so the Ekklesia pushes back the demands of the Antichrist conspiracy to be revealed before its time.

Antichrist strives to be revealed but remains a mystery because of the Ekklesia. The point of this prayer and our oneness is our representation of Jesus.

Jesus conquers strategically positioned authorities of Hades, the Antichrist conspiracy, and the evil one. Now, when He leaves, Father makes the Ekklesia one agree with God’s intentions, so we represent Jesus. In this authority, the dark kingdom gives way to our jurisdiction.

False Unity

We now have Marxist movements demanding evangelicals unite with socialism to become tools of the Antichrist system and represent the intentions of Hades. We have churches giving money to the devilish system, supporting what serves God but fails to represent God.

Jesus says, “They are not of this cosmic order. Make them holy. The cosmic order hates them.”

Whenever the kingdom culture meets the existing culture, the visible response is hatred. Haters fill the ranks of the Antichrist system. Lovers fill the ranks of the kingdom culture. The systems do not look alike at any level.

So, in conclusion, the church-growthism and evangelical framework for filtering Jesus conclude what is nearly opposite of what Jesus says. We have lost kingdom culture, and we do not realize we have lost it. We no longer agree with God’s intentions for regions, territories, and nations.

The oneness for which Jesus prays, Father answers, and Holy Spirit operates centers attention upon our agreement with God’s original intentions. We represent Jesus. That’s the conclusion of the matter.

To measure oneness, to determine success in this process, we do not think “the populations of Earth will suddenly recognize Jesus when it sees that we love one another and we are all teaching the same doctrine, or whatever definition of oneness contemporary churchism puts to the meaning of oneness.”


The very opposite will occur. The haters will become more hateful, vocal in their hatred, and demanding of the dismantling of the dominion of God’s kingdom. Father making us one is a declaration of war with the cosmic order at the highest, lowest, and most expansive definitions of its darkness.

The picture of panacea painted by moderns misreading and misquoting this passage leads to such confusion that we work at odds with the Father, telling God what to do and devising a new system to replace His King and kingdom.

Jesus prays as the King of the kingdom, but many people who claim to follow Him do not believe He is a King at all. They are representing a Savior, not a King. They are representing church-growthism as a means of getting Jesus what they want Him to have. They divide and celebrate division while yakking about the failure of Christians to all meet in one place every Sunday to hear one preacher or something so nebulous that no one would recognize oneness if it were to occur.

In. fact, authentic oneness for which Jesus prays would become a massive controversy among believers if it were to formulate. It would lead to enormous Reformation unlike anything since the Day of Pentecost.

But, when working toward greater oneness, it would completely redefine the word “church” so radically that moderns would stone the leaders and hate it as much as the cosmic order. As oneness increases in the New Era, the original design and definition of Ekklesia, built upon authentic apostolic order, founded upon kingdom culture, will be attacked by good people mistaking it for a cult.

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