Being the First of Many – The Pioneer

Not everyone is a pioneer. Some settlers are required; in fact, many more settlers are required than pioneers. God has created plenty of settlers, salt of the earth people who expand vision once it is established. Pioneers are originators.

Consider the information we have about Elijah’s schools for prophets. Elisha carried on this originated model, expanding it without originating a whole new system of prophetic tradition. We don’t see prophetic schools like these, prophetic companies during the season of kingdom in God’s chosen culture and people. The schools appear to be something consistent with prophetic function when Israel has kings, priests, and prophets.

David originated kingdom as all three, but the kingdom expanded in David’s design for Glory worship after the Tent was set in place on Zion. When Elijah appears in history, he originates the function of prophet in kingdom with prophetic companies. Elijah leads the companies with a fathering heart and leadership to establish something that would remain available in the earth after his transition.

Pioneers Originate in the Father’s Seasons

Seasons are in the hands of the Father. Season arrive to prioritize God’s purposes. They re-prioritize people and places, and they reset kingdom protocols in ways that bring the kingdom to where it would be in maturity had no breakdowns of kingdom occurred.

Pioneers appear in history at the point of kingdom resets, and they restore something to the kingdom that has been preserved and reserved so that kingdom doesn’t restart from point one but is reset to where it should have been in history and development had no breach of continuous fulfillment occurred. So, to understand restoration properly, we have to receive a revelation of where kingdom would be without the gaps of failure that previous generations left on the timeline of history.

Where would the Revival that is marked by Azusa Street be without the hijacking of division and distinctives that majored on minors and gave validation to the separation of this movement into various denominations and dead ends?

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