Blueprint Leaders, Take Your Places!

We need some blueprint leaders in America! We need foundational leaders in our nation! We need someone who can step up to another level and bring a kingdom schematic to the mini-movements that will produce something we can build on. While it is certain that we have blueprints leaders, the blueprints they possess for mini-movements are incomplete. We need master builders with a “whole culture” approach.

When mini-movements lack a connection to a cultural blueprint, they exaggerate the importance and completeness the blueprints they possess, some even to the point of producing a finished product and calling it “the whole thing” when it is one room of the house. Mini-movements are subcontractors, so to speak, who build systems that support the whole thing, but they are simply a kitchen or a bathroom or a living room that needs to be fitted into the broader kingdom movement.

Where are the blueprint leaders with a fuller set of plans? We need them to expand their leadership priorities beyond the development of a legacy or finishing their life’s work independent of the greater architecture of the kingdom. We need them to think beyond a “if I do my part” mentality. We need them to reconsider the concept that” God will make it happen if we are all faithful individually to our assignments.” God has a strategy to fit those assignments together, but if God were going to do it, it would already be done!

Jesus has a blueprint for the entire universe, including this planet. However, His strategy for the kingdom movement has been given to men. Jesus had the keys but He gave them to men. Jesus is the Leader but He ascended and gave leaders to men. Jesus has power and authority but He gives power and authority to men. Jesus has blueprints for every culture but He gives those blueprints to men.

Blueprint leaders, fill the empty places and roll out a fuller set of blueprints that prepares and positions the mini-movement into a kingdom movement.

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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