Camouflage and Chameleons

Today, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “The camouflage will no longer hide. The chameleons will no longer blend in.” Camouflage uses colors and patterns that resemble and mimic the surroundings to hide personnel and equipment, often for military use or warfare strategies. Chameleons possess the ability to change color in order to blend in to their surroundings so that prey cannot detect their presence.

I caught a glimpse in the spirit of sudden changes that caused camouflage to stand out against the background that once provided it obscurity: “The colors and patterns that once hid the infiltrators will now reveal and announce them as loud as a shout piercing the silence.” People and enemies that blended in will not longer blend into the environment, a sudden change, a spiritual shift will come, and those who blend in just to belong will appear as the man Jesus saw at the wedding feast without a wedding garment. [Matthew 22:11, 12]

Chameleons adapt themselves to their surroundings to hide, to catch prey. This akin to “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” While we often confuse this with shepherds who are hirelings, wolves in sheep’s clothing appear as sheep, not shepherds. They hide among the sheep appearing as sheep but using their proximity and adaptation as means of preying upon sheep. Exposing these pseudo-sheep is part of the shepherd’s responsibility, to protect sheep from masquerading fakes.

A season change can result in a rapid alteration of the color and texture of the environment, and the camouflage that once concealed will cause the person hiding to stand out. Such a season is coming now that will reveal those who lack a wholeheartedness, who are “along for the ride” or “riding on the bandwagon who are not part of the band.”

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Dr. Don

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