Christianity Without a Bible

The rise of a homosexual Presidential candidate has done what I predicted it would do: namely, change the subject of the campaign from socialism – a divisive and drop-dead loser for Democrats without a national leader – to the heart and faith foundations of our culture.

Mayor Pete kissing his partner (I’m aware they are ‘married’ because of a one-vote difference on the Supreme Court), becomes the moment the politics of this election shifted from horse teeth to human affection. The mushy middle has a soft spot for lovers even when they are of the same gender.

Added to this commotion about motion is Mayor Peter’s insistence about faith and sexual identity through which he engages with Mike Pence. Perhaps he is actually running against Pence because he cannot beat Trump this time around. Trump will not fall for the subject change, and Pence is ignoring Pete’s continued jabbing and straw man displays of victimization. Typical of the entire LGBTQXYZ agenda and the entire premise one has for being a Democrat: “I not be treated nicely.” (Eye-roll and sigh. It gets tiring at times to work on your poor me routines to touch fake outrage in liberals.)

Faith and folly hold hands and kiss on the mouth between Pete and Repeat. “Chasten Buttigieg” takes Pete’s last name proudly. New York Times went front page with a letter from homosexual Episcopalian rector, Stephen Paulikas, who says, “Chasten Buttigieg is significant to the gay community in much the same way Michelle Obama is to African-Americans — an affable and charismatic political spouse who affirms his husband’s commitment to his minority identity.” Kissing him on the mouth on stage sealed that deal, I guess.

Mayor Pete wishes to make this all about victims of faith community estrangement and the entire “tiny house” of LGBTQXYZ of 2% of the population demand to be represented by this odd conclusion that God made the mess that Christians cannot seem to clean up.

Enter the Bible.

The Bible and Sexual Identity

Or, exit the Bible as it were since moderns see no authority in the Bible concerning culture, they wish to characterize the church as family and community. Even my best friends fall for the imposition of faulty language because they fail to realize that the kingdom of God is a culture, not a family or community.

The family aspect is spiritual lineage. The community aspect is a byproduct of shared cultural principles, processes, and protocols. If we do not establish a kingdom culture, we have plenty of room in the family for whatever feels nice, warm, and cuddly to the community. And, we certainly have this sentiment about victims who are nice people but practice sexual sin.

Let me say this out loud, “We are in trouble as a kingdom culture because we are not Biblical in our modern definitions of the church. We do not realize that playing games with the meaning of words lead to such traumatic outcomes, and we do recognize that our quest for bigness at the expense of holiness has cost us more dearly than we imagine.”

We are working on accommodation now instead of righteousness. We have a thought in our heads about who can attend church when God has a thought in His head about who is in the kingdom.

Most recently when a rugby player who is a believer made a social media post that quotes the Bible, Brian Houston of Hillsong publicly condemned the player and his post from the Bible as a “turn and burn” strategy. He is concerned, he says, about showing love and “grace” (his definition of “grace” is actually “mercy”) and condemns this believer roundly.

Brian Houston condemns a believer for quoting the Bible and projects upon him judgment for communicating the Word of God in public.

If we are a church without a Bible, we are a church without a Word from God. We are a church with no defense for sexual immorality, addiction to pornography, and the dishonor of marriage. We are a church without the kingdom and its culture. We are a church that no longer represents the mind and heart of God.

If you have a Bible, read It, believe what It says, and have the courage to live it, you will also embrace the imperative of dying for the right to share publicly what It says. You have a testimony that can kill you. You won’t back down if you are the last believer on Earth.

Brian Houston thinks filling seats in a big building is church and kingdom means nothing to him. He has no King messing around with his church. He has no standard by which to measure what is authentic or what is pagan. He words directly contradict the Bible. His words are part of his own Bible, the one he picked through like Chicken Soup for the Soul, ignoring Jesus, Paul, Jude, Simon Peter, John, and James. His words say, “We can make people feel comfortable in abomination, wickedness, and make normal what God says is abnormal.”

Saying that homosexuals cannot inherit the kingdom of God, quoting this Truth from the Bible, is not some form of bigotry that messes with your church-growthism. Saying what God says is not a misguided strategy for evangelism. Practicing homosexuals are part of the kingdom of God. They are set outside the gates and treated with loving outreach like every other non-citizen. Telling people up front what the Gospel says is not treachery or bigotry.

The Church Without a Bible

The Church without a Bible will have a difficult time dealing with Mayor Peter, and hell knows that. The issue of turning hearts will now require christianism and the Bible to part ways.

Having ignored the Bible about the kingdom and its culture, established church-growthism as the norm for measuring success, and celebrating wolves as endangered species, we are confronted with the greatest challenge of the New Era Reformation.

Do you have a Bible?!

In other words, fighting this battle in a Presidential campaign means the kingdom of God lost this battle long before 2019. We should not be fighting this battle in the arena of politics, and Donald Trump should not be the representative of the Bible’s voice on this subject. Here is where the modern Christian voter will miss the boat, play into the hands of the enemy’s strategy, and further close down the influence of kingdom people.

It will not be enough for Donald Trump to be used of God to save us from Hillary Clinton. No, believers are going to demand that he make public statements that he should not make.

It is not the President’s job to fight this battle just because the church fails to represent Jesus. We cannot send Donald Trump into this battle because we were unable to win it twenty years ago. We do not need a President who is our apostolic leader preaching an apostolic Didache of kingdom culture.

But, many believers will say, “Trump is soft on gays,” throw their vote to some guy about as capable of leading a nation as your uncle’s milkman’s cousin, and gripe for the rest of their lives about something that is not Donald Trump’s fault at all.

  1. We need to secure the Supreme Court if we wish to move the nation further toward righteousness. So, don’t waste your vote on someone who cannot stop the Democrat.
  2. Do not lose your passion for God’s purpose because you have a knee-jerk issue that forces a political candidate to preach like Charles Finney.
  3. Understand that we need to recapture our national understanding of the sanctity of marriage without sending the police and FBI into the bedroom of our citizenry. The vocalization of victimization makes us think the LGBTQXYZ agenda is much bigger than it actually is.
  4. Cultural influence is where we need to focus our attention, to use freedom of speech and religion to speak God’s Word with God’s authority as God’s representative Remnant. We vote to stop Democrat candidates because they will with all certainly stomp out those rights.

In other words, we are the people with the Bible, responsible to communicate it, and we cannot cry about someone else failing to do so when we have leaders like Brian Houston turning traitor to the authority of the Bible. He isn’t the only one, but he is the latest.

These treacherous compromisers do not speak for Jesus because they do not stand for the authority of the Bible. So, someone needs to have an amplified voice supported by a broadened foundation of grassroots believers who know the Bible more than they know about the Bible.

Christianism without a Bible isn’t Christian at all.

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