Daniel’s Revelations: Global Level Warfare

Authority and Validation Role, Assignment, and Positioning

Amid specific national and cultural assignments at the highest levels, Daniel received dreams and visions that clarified the level assigned him and the warfare scope or metron and kanon of his leadership authority.

God showed Daniel nations in their roles as world dominators. More, God showed him world-dominators of history to locate Daniel in his present intercession and warfare both geo-politically and historically.

God reveals His eternal purposes in history as times and seasons with generations as His context for establishing those intended purposes.

These dreams and visions included the highest levels of cosmic confrontation, including Gabriel and Michael, Israel as God’s representative Remnant culture, and how the events of his present situation affected the entire multi-faceted strategic wisdom of God for the rest of Earth’s history.

Application and Implementation

Today, God spoke to me about this present battle in the same context. We are dealing with something larger than regions and states while visiting regions and states. We are assigned to something global but more–how could anything be more than global?–by the significant reality that it is history-making at a worldwide level.

We cannot accept that what has been previously dealt with at the region, state, or national levels means completing its significance to the present global history level.

No matter the stature of the leaders who previously “dealt with it,” none of them dealt with it at this global historical level. [GHL]

We must also contextualize the visions and dreams that seem specific to the US to this GHL for the fullest interpretation, application, and implementation of their revelation content and context.

New Era Implications

You now enter the countdown moments when reaching higher to the tops of the mountain is essential, without which we cannot realize the finishing victory. You must include the global influences in your regional and national warfare, as Daniel did.

I feel this vital component for the coming days requires us to rise to Daniel’s level. I would hesitate to include most people at this level though all intercessors and watchmen are being called up to higher levels.

To have some people at this level is to endanger their lives. Some of the prayer movement failed to mature to this level but assume themselves ready for it.

To fail to include some Hebrew children leaders at this level by raising them with you is to frustrate and limit their destinies for the coming confrontations they will have with the head of gold or other global spiritual conspiracy leaders as the three Hebrews children were prepared for the furnace by their participation with Daniel.

While this sounds incredibly elitist, it is nonetheless real and life and death in its application.

Daniel’s Expansive Visions of Future Global Cosmic Dominators

Daniel could see the nature of the coming empires. All four of these anicent empires and their spiritual conditions are currently available to the anicent spiritual conspiracy of lawlessness at work against America.

I realize that I can speak to this from experience because of assignments completed in other nations that all came in visions and dreams of global strategies and history-making consequences.

Of course, others do so at a higher and more effective level than I, but I may have enough of this exposure to grasp the essential nature of this revelation from God for our strategic warfare.

To believe in a New Era and its global transformative nature, should we not need to operate with this Divine wisdom, revelation, and context of GHL to finish well.

The Value of Accumulative Regional and National Breakthroughs

At first, this analysis would appear to diminish the value of accumulative regional and national breakthroughs, but it cannot and does not do so.

The context for the generation that confronts the GHL comes only because of consistent and constant regional and national warfare accumulation. In other words, God anticipates this moment and assigns confrontations in previous seasons. These victories are strategic to the generation assigned to the turning point of history.

However, to have a bevy of such breakthroughs in one’s list of victories does not qualify one for this global historical level. That level comes with assignment in the generation of confrontation with a very special mantle from God specific to the assignment.

To attempt to be Daniel when you are not is to be in a dangerous, life-threatening error.

Failure to fulfill the previous assignments or finish them well requires some catchup at the time of GHL confrontation.

At present, we are ready for the most incredible showdown with the ancient antichrist lawlessness in history! And we are guaranteed a win!

Daniel and Jeremiah

Of course, Daniel receives a revelation written before his time that clues how to join the past, present, and future. When he does, the entire battleplan opens before him, including the Captain of Angel Armies’ heavenly battle formations hidden to all others.

Daniel reads Scripture and calculates the prophetic anticipation for implementation in his generation. The time of Seventy Years prophesied and promised motivates his bold, triumphant, and activating declarations.

Daniel grasps prophetic promises without unwavering strength to call into his present the reality of God anticipated and recorded by Jeremiah in the past. The land would enjoy all the forgotten sabbath years accumulated to the moment of punishment for neglecting them.

Daniel saw the breakthrough in repentance, not in the timetable of promise. Daniel understood the scheduled moment called for a prophetic response to God’s intentions, not that Daniel needed to do nothing at all to enjoy the blessed release and restoration based upon predicted time passing.

Anticipations call us to appropriate activities. Daniel began to act out the prophetic promise to activate a Remnant when a Remnant was necessary. The prophetic promises required activation that anticipated a Remnant.

The question, “Would the anticipated promises come to pass without a Remnant?” is a moot point. God always secures a Remnant for His anticipations. God starts working on that Remnant at the very moment He reveals the scheduled restoration.

Remnant people awaken to their destinies in anticipation of national and global new eras. Only through revelation, however, do they step into the GHL level.

Right-headed Thinking

Sorry to be so dogmatic but it is too late to be polite. It is wrong-headed to conclude that because Daniel was in Babylonian exile that America needs to be under a Babylonian system for the ekklesia to match his revelation assignment and validation authority. It anything, we should read our present positioning in light of Jesus receiving all authority in Heaven and Earth and giving His kingdom leaders kingdom keys.

In other words, Jesus expects His ekklesia to displace the usurpers of hell in every culture on Earth with His established Kingly authority in the power of the Cross and Spirit with “kingdom of God, arrive!” and “will of God, happen!” dominion over what presently exists.

That is Bible thinking. Anything else is uncivilized in terms of kingdom culture norms.

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