Discipling Cultures

Culture is collective behavior. As behavior is to the individual, so culture is to the people group. The individual acts based upon values and beliefs. The culture shares values and beliefs in ways that produce common behaviors.

While this overly simplistic, it serves as a basis for understanding how to disciple cultures. Note that Jesus says, “As you go, disciple cultures (wherever you go), teaching them to do what I said do.” Jesus says, I have established a cultural behavior, so wherever you go you can establish that common behavior as well. Teach them My values and beliefs. Train them to live out these values and beliefs.

Faith as consequences. I will behave consistent to what I really believe or else I must go back and modify my belief system to fit my accepted behavior. Cultures have “norms” that measure the consequences of shared values and beliefs. Traditions are entrenched behaviors that are built with values and belief systems.

Jesus ran into traditions immediately He began to challenge the existing values and beliefs of His generation. In doing so, He sought to alter those values and beliefs at a level that would produce common behaviors or norms consistent with His design and definition of kingdom culture. He was laying groundwork for the restoration of God’s values and beliefs.

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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