Dominating the Gates

Spiritual gates obviously open and close becoming strategic to what enters and exits. A way through, or to and from, can be opened or closed. We must seek to discern this more than exhaustively research it. It is a metaphoric way of explaining, “How Thing Really Work in the Spirit.”

Gates to our lives are natural or spiritual, and we open or close them. A way through, or to and from, isn’t about weirded exaggerations that come from mysterious mysticism. Mysticism isn’t the celebration of mysteries but the strategic revealing of what is hidden. Beware anyone whose treatment of mysticism leads to mystery for its own sake, because that is contrary, in the opposite, of what revelatory people experience.

We have ways to contact and experience natural reality that we call “senses.” When any one or two are inhibited or completely without function, a gate is closed, so to speak. In the same way, we have spiritual senses through which spiritual reality is available for our experience. Experiencing spiritual things is so every day to believers because they are spiritual born as well as naturally born.

Spiritual reality invades natural reality as well. The gates are spiritual and they have been opened from one side or the other for strategic reasons and maintained through worship of something believed to be spiritual. However, worship of anything but the God of the Bible opens the door to demons, and animistic religions are the most common of all “How Things Work in the Spirit” false options.

So, gates are opened or closed that give influence and access to spiritual reality in places on the earth because of spirit is more real than physical. Learning “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” is of great importance. Our Source is the Bible, and then we surrender to God’s Spirit, named “Holy Spirit” because there is none like Him, as the One who leads, guides, teaches, and convinces us.

Mixtures of “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” are part of the adversary’s methods, to open and close doors to his advantage, deceiving people into thinking the way he thinks or any way of thinking instead of how God thinks. This produces superstitions, practices, false mysteries, and demonic imitations that convinced people they entering and exiting authentic gates and experiencing spiritual reality when they are actually opening and closing in ways that benefit demonic influences and allow demonic influences to dominate.

So, dominating at the gates is a way of describing how the kingdom of God on the earth provides the safest, clearest, true to reality, authentic connection of spiritual and natural so the kingdom of God allows for the rule of God from heaven to fill the earth.

When we say, “His Glory fills the entire earth,” we are saying that the gates are dominated by His kingdom leaders and kingdom armies so that what people experience, to the extent the gates are opening and closing to the right spiritual influences, is God’s rule instead of rulers, cosmic dominators, or authorities of hell.

Glory is character, so the influence of God’s character flows through gates dominated by kingdom leaders and the atmosphere over the people and place experience more of the God’s character and less demonic characters. In this way, influence increases for kingdom of light and decreases for kingdom of darkness.

The “prince of the power of the air” is a way of describing atmosphere dominated by the influence of hell through its own kingdom of darkness leaders. People without a spiritual birth experience spiritual things through warped experiences dominated by the characteristics of demon rulers. Tricked into opening gates that allow demons to dominate according the¬†character of the demon (the opposite of the Glory character of God).

As kingdom leaders, we receive kingdom keys from Jesus, Inheritor of all nations and King of all Kings, with all authority in heaven and earth. So, we can open and close and by strategic positioning that gains kingdom advantage, we can dominate at the gates. Yes, we can dominate at the gates!

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