Evangels: Preaching and Publishing Good Reports

Both basar and tobe are used in Hebrew to speak of announcing good news or reports of victory. [See both together in 1 Kings 1:42.] A messenger is sent, a runner, to give the report of the battle or war, and his report of good news declares some portion of the victory. The messenger can be bring both bad or good news, of course, but in particular, bazar, speaks of good news and is used of the birth of a baby or the man delivered out of distress declaring his good experiences.

The New Testament draws heavily from this meaning with the use of the Greek word, euaggelizo, from the Greeks. The verb has the sense of assuming the role of an evangel, acting like one, or doing what an evangel does. The term also can speak of a special messenger and gives us the sense of “promise” when used in this way; the announcing of something that will happen, a prophetic announcement. The announcement often has to do with liberation and deliverance from enemies.

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