Excuse Me, You’re Stronghold is Showing

Strongholds occur when your enemy takes advantage of your vulnerability. The wound, trauma, terror, or source experience “takes on a life of its own.”

When I overreact, overcompensate, and overdo mundane life and living, I am exhibiting the residuals of that stronghold.

Having a bad experience with one dog isn’t a good reason to fear or hate all dogs. Terrorized by one rabid canine can open the door to a reaction to all dogs based upon the “life of its own” stronghold one experience built in the mind. The overreaction to “all dogs” is way out of balance since all dogs aren’t terrorists, but the overreaction is based upon real spiritual conditions built in the soul. The terror has “taken on a life of this own.”

With weapons mighty through God, the stronghold can be demolished! Then, a rebuilding or restoring process occurs, a reset of the soul that processes reality without this underlying spiritual condition filtering reality. This process of restoration is not the same as the moment of freedom but builds upon that new spiritual condition created by God.

Deliverance and discipling are not two separate things as much as deliverance is best received within a discipling strategy. Getting free is only a struggle because people to struggle with surrender or lack access to leaders with authority to break down strongholds. Once the surrender issue releases them into trusting faith in the power of God’s mighty weapons, the same kind of leaders can nurture their restoration through discipling.

Either way, discipling requires surrender and submission to God’s strategy for the full redemptive restoration. I can be everything Jesus created me to be. I can do everything Jesus called me to do. I can be fully redeemed and fully restored through the power of the Cross and the power of the Spirit fully functioning in my life without limits!

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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