Fathering Personal Purpose

Celebrate uniqueness while fitting uniqueness into the places God’s blueprint positions it.

Conformity breeds mediocrity. You think people are flourishing but they are empty inside because their passion answers to their purpose. As a kingdom leader, you can discern created destiny. Reach into the Spirit for this revelation understanding of what God created people to be and called them to do as the basis for preparing and positioning them to flourish.

Feed passion. Then, help people clean up the mess their passion makes! Don’t problem solve for them. Involve them in the process by creating a safe, secure place for problem solving that gives them a sense of security about burning with the fire of purpose!

Step back and measure the amount of passion your leadership produces. Do you give people loyalty tests that demand they be passionate only for what you are passion about? If so, you are probably smothering some of their fire.

Then, discover the best way to increase passion within people for their created purposes, preparation for destiny fulfillment, and perseverance for the process, and power to finish what they have started.

Dealing with Delusion

On the other hand, you will always be faced with the unpleasant challenge of not feeding passion people have for distractions and substitutes. Since part of fathering leadership involves discerning what God wants and helping people realize His purposes for them, you will be the one who pops the bubbles of their false expectations and fantasies. Yes, you will have to say, “My dear one, that isn’t your purpose. Stop being distracted by false dreams and fantasies. Get on God’s track for your preparation and purpose.”

You will instantly become the enemy in some people’s minds if you do not become their Santa Claus distributing what they think they deserve or require. That comes with the territory! Cheer up! It is going to get worse!

Some leaders string people along, feeding the passion they have for substitutions for their destinies instead of facing them with the revelation of their created purposes.

Remember this: People do not know who they are until God tells them who they are. People do not know what’s in them until God tells them what’s in them. And, fathering leaders are most often the ones God uses to tell them.

Oddly, people will listen to their peers, to people with the discernment of a mouse, to people with little discernment or prophetic insight, or (gasp!) to offended people who have dismissed God’s created purpose for them in cyclical searches for other possibilities.

You must confront these presumptions with rebuke. And, you must stand your ground with them about these deceptions and delusions because your responsibility always answers to God, not them, yourself, your own agenda of accumulating people by agreeing with their fantasies.

You are probably thinking, “Isn’t this a little severe, calling immature thinking about destiny ‘delusion?'”

No, because it is delusion. It might be mild, immature, inadvertent, subconscious, sincere. But it is still delusion, and you have to recognize what it is and deal with it appropriately, gently, and over a period of time when the people is humble, teachable, and transformable. You have to confront the rebellious, hardhearted, resistant, and prideful because that is what God does through your as a leader.

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