Focus Upon the Remnant in Harvest Time

Mercy and grace mean that we do not get what we deserve. We get what we do not deserve.

The principles of sowing and reaping operate in both natural and spiritual ways. The fullness of time speaks of more than one natural and spiritual accumulation, progression, and synergy. Time is a factor in all sowing and reaping, and the times and seasons are all in Father’s hands.

Jesus responds to Father’s seasons in His involved intercession. So do we. Even Jesus is not responsible for times and seasons because He is doing involved intercession. He waits or sets the priorities of His primary passion for Father’s timing and cycles. Not His own.

When we combine a discussion of mercy and grace with a fullness of time and sowing and reaping, we end up with a conclusion called “harvest.” There are many kinds of harvests that depend upon what has been planted and the nature of the plants that produce. But, God refers mostly to planting or sowing and reaping, and He speaks of a seasonal plant and harvest when He does.

Sow. Reap. Sow, and reap what you sowed in higher amounts than you planted.

Cultures in Harvest Times

We are in a harvest time of reaping in more than one nation. Brasil, Australia, Singapore, and the United States are some of the fathering nations in historical harvest times. They will reap what is sown.

Consider this: mercy and grace mean Father’s focus will be upon what the Remnants in those nations sowed and what the Remnant in those nations are prepared and positioned to reap. Father will give so much attention to the Remnant activity that it will eclipse all other business. He will measure His response by the fathering leaders just as He did when dealing with the harvest time of Sodom. [“Yes, I will spare it for ten people with right behavior. Then, the harvest of Remnant sown purpose shows hope for that culture. Sodom had none of those criteria in place. It burned to a crisp.]

In the fathering nations, God will listen to the cry of fathers of nations, just as He did to Abraham. “How can I deal with Sodom without first talking with Abraham, seeing he is a father of nations?” The voice of fathering leaders with an international and national measure of assignment and authority have the ear of God right now. Involved intercession involves the Remnant and fathering leaders in Providence.

These fathering nations have sown, and the sowing comes to this moment in a significant increase. They prayed. The prayers have exponential power now that fullness of times provides at the time of harvest. In the time, the prayers have more influence on God’s response to the history of nations. That is why God positions these kinds of leaders as fathering leaders.

As we learn from God speaking to Elijah and Paul applying the principles to the kingdom now, God prepares Himself a Remnant where and when He intends to maintain a purpose. The direction, diligence, or despair of a culture do not tell God what to do with that culture. The Remnant tells God what to do with that culture! “I have thousands who have not bowed or kissed Baal. It does not matter if the entire culture is ruled by Jezebel and her temples flourish. I have a Remnant!”

Enough of the “America has turned to Baal” headlines. A two-year-old can figure that out. The point is not the culture but the Remnant! Sell some books that explain the Remnant for a change!

If Father attentions is focused upon the Remnant, why would out focus be upon something or someone else? Prepare, position and posture the Remnant, fathering leaders!

Unworthy Now – Maybe Later

All fathering leaders have prodigals. They are unworthy now to lead. They left their places. We are not waiting for them to return to salvage the culture. God has provided a Remnant that has not kissed His enemies. Maybe later, if they come to themselves and return with a heart to submit to God’s purposes, we will put the ring back on their hands.

But now, we must focus upon what Father focuses upon.

Elijah got distracted by Jezebel in a Remnant-led harvest. The Remnant led to Jehu. Elijah needed to maintain his fathering role and throw a mantle upon Elisha to join the now and next of his generation into one “now generation.”

The door to prodigals is open. The inheritance they forsook is not neglected. The empty places are filled with the willing to submit spiritual children. The harvest is great. The inheritance flourishes without the prodigals. When the prodigals return with the right heart, they do not get what they deserve. They get what they do not deserve.

That’s mercy and grace. That is harvest reaches ultimate. That is the separation of wheat and tares. That is the seasonal harvest, not the final harvest. That is a redemptive and restoration harvest of mercy and grace.

Enter into the season with mercy shouting down judgment and superlative spiritual enablement. Great mercy and grace upon fathering nations.!

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