Foundational Leadership: Apostles and Prophets

The Chief Cornerstone and Foundation of the Ecclesia is Jesus Christ. He laid the foundational leaders into place, setting the height, breadth, and width of the structure, setting the only point of reference for the plumb lines of spiritual construction. Yet, Paul says that the apostles and prophets were foundations for the Ecclesia and others would build upon what they set into place.

Now, if we are people who assume that the fivefold ministry of Jesus remains fully available and functional in the kingdom, having no Scriptural basis for this model and design to change, we must have a pretty good grasp upon how these foundational leadership dynamic function, right? Not anecdotal inferences and experiential responses, but Scriptural, this is how it works, explanations that empower those call to these functions to lead and other to build upon their foundational leadership.

Yet, the silence in this area is deafening. The discussion disappeared from the dialogue of restorational development at some critical point because of a few contradictory assumptions and a failure to mature both these restored functions.

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