God Saves Nations

Let me respond to a statement I’ve been hearing lately from some christians. “God saves people, not nations.” Usually, this is part of an effort to discount the idea that God is going to bring revival to America. I don’t hear it from other nations too much, but many Americans seem to like the idea that God is done with our nation. The phrase much be a quote from some leader because they all use it with almost the same work order.

So, let’s take the phrase apart as it is used to mean that God isn’t going to respond in salvation to a nation. I suppose some basis for this thought comes from the “God isn’t dealing with Israel but with individuals in the new covenant.” A pretty big misunderstanding of both covenants is evidenced by this assumption or conclusion, but as a basis for thinking God doesn’t deal with nations as nations anymore is pretty much foreign to the Bible which ever part you look at. Even the book of Concordance would help you understand that to be false.

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