God’s Lamb vs Hell’s Leviathan

The Crown, Throne, and Children of Pride

Leviathan wears the crown of pride, sits upon the throne of pride, and rules the children produced by pride. However, Leviathan is not the king of pride; he rules pride’s children.

You diminish Leviathan’s rule when you diminish pride’s children.

Pride as deception in the individual becomes Leviathan delusion in the culture. Leviathan rules over the proud population. Pride is delusion operating as systematic deception.

Isaiah discusses Leviathan as a system that comes out of the population to walks about on the land. The people who should produce God’s purpose provide the ground with a dominion that consumes instead of increases: economically speaking, Leviathan rapes with consumerism where God increases with capitalism.

The land is the inheritance in the Bible, especially as it relates to Israel, and the Inheritor of the Nations would rule the land through kingdom citizens.

So, the Leviathan gains power from the sea (the population) to gain authority over the land (the inheritance) to usurp from the King and diminish His inheritance.

Isaiah 28 applies this revelation to Ephriam, the Northern kingdom of divided Israel. The Leviathan’s systematic delusion is shown in the nation’s leaders as a crown of pride and a throne of pride. The leaders are drunk with pride, signifying their state of delusional leadership. They stagger in delusion and waste what is available in the land.

America Dominated by Leviathan

God began a process of confrontation with Leviathan that He intends to finish. The Leviathan pride is currently on display as never before as political and cultural symptoms of that systematic delusion surface.

Nancy Pelosi calls the whoredom music of raunchy, demeaning, and filthy presentations of pornography, awarded by Leviathan and celebrated by humans acting like animals, “empowerment for black women.” She wants America to legalize whoredom so poor women can sell their bodies for money and prosper.

Such a presentation of the most bottomless muck of racism, the most devilish of all discussions of women, and the apparent level of moral failure that only people drunk on delusion could embrace reveals Leviathan and the evil triad of Leviathan, Jezebel, and Python in America.

Some believers voted for this Leviathan celebration with the same spirit of false entitlement, equality, and expectations exhibited by the nation’s warped leaders. They, too, are drunk on pride individually and part of the systematic delusion of Leviathan. Again, they are caught in the net.

However, the greatest demonstration of Leviathan is the seven-headed global media now seeking to install delusion as a norm. They are fact-checking reality with Leviathan’s whispers, denying reality, and silencing any voice to the contrary.

America Shall Be Saved

Some of those excited by the most recent breakthroughs in this battle, during a time when hope revealed their own pride and consumerism, have become angry that the Lamb did not act as they demanded.

They were not motivated by the Legacy of the Lamb. They remained motivated by false entitlement, equality, and expectations. They would use the delusion of Leviathan to perpetrate another delusion, different from the consumerism, but just as distracting from the purposes of the Lamb.

They would reappropriate America for their purposes when the Lamb listens to the Remnant would appropriate America for God’s intended purposes.

So, the battle required a season of greater sifting. While Leviathan’s vulnerabilities were exposed, and the allies of Leviathan became so drunk they could not function, the Remnant remained vigilant as eagles, bold as lions, and as strong as oxen.

God Resists the Proud

Many prophetic words carry some seeds of truth but reach false conclusions about God’s intentions for America. Hearing enough of God’s disapproval of the systematic delusions of consumerism, prophets jump to the conclusion that God will destroy the nation, not the Leviathan usurping His purposes for her.

These prophets are as proud as the children ruled by Leviathan, using the consumer system for their own benefit. They gained momentum for personal promotion in the crisis that called from humility instead of pride.

Someone could say, “Look, we found the narcissists!”

The prophets made it all about themselves, and when the unexpected occurred in the election, they doubled down and made it even more about themselves. They were as proud as the perverts but proud of something far different.

Cleansing the kingdom of the children of pride is essential to finishing off the king who rules the children of pride. The Lamb cannot be represented by people ruled by pride if the battle He wages would defeat the king of pride’s children.

The Lamb gives grace to the humble. The humble hear His voice. The humble prophets did not jump to false conclusions. The humble did not apologize as the narcissists did. The humble did not profit from consumerism but walked in favor. The humble did not waver in their boldness. The humble did not blame people for their prophetic pride.

The Remnant became strong by grace. The Remnant gained a crown of victory. Now, we will cast those crowns before the Lamb. We will humble ourselves and pray and seek His face from a different position, and the Lamb will heal our land!

I have secured golden crowns for every person attending FirstDay at FreedomHouse four years after the climactic turn in the battle we experienced in 2017. Since then, we have continued the Blueprints for a New Era with Screaming Eagles and steadfast involvement in the blueprints and battleplans for America.

Now, we will strike a more profound blow with the unrelenting, sharp, penetrating sword of the Lord against Leviathan. This blow will demonstrate the Remnant in humility, grace and strength from God, and bold worship of the Lamb. This blow will celebrate the finished work of Christ against the fragile womb of Leviathan.

Test your heart for delusional pride by measuring the whole of your life by this maxim: whatever I am that is not by God’s grace must be changed.

Any place where you sought “what’s in this for me?” instead of, more than, or even along with “what’s the Father want?” must be a place of sacrifice. Kill it! Burn it down! Get it on an altar!

Remnant thinking includes this: when it is done, everyone will say, “God did that.”

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