How God Resets Kingdom

What God Intended All Along

For approximately 15 years after Pentecost, no non-Jew was born of the spirit. The idea never entered anyone’s mind, it appears. The possibility seemed such a non-starter that God had to whack Simon Peter upside the head during a trance and rebuke his thinking to get him to consider preaching to a non-Jew.

When God got Simon Peter straightened out, God did what He intended to do all along, and the entire kingdom stood on its ear for a while trying to figure out what in the world God was doing.

God did not put every kingdom leader into a trance. God didn’t take anyone to planet Heaven for ice cream with Jesus. God didn’t hold a prophetic conference and line up the kingdom’s citizens–all Jewish–and tell each of them individually what He was doing.

How God Does Stuff

God never even hinted that Holy Spirit would tell each individual what was kosher. God never bowed to the “If God has any to say, He can tell me personally.”

Instead, God followed a Biblical pattern. He installed Truth in apostles Didache by opening His Word to them in a way they, not God, had never previously considered His Word.

Apostle and oversight elders met in Jerusalem, summoned and led by apostles. An apostle given leadership by the King shared what happened. An apostle leading the ekklesia received a revelation from the Bible to clarify what God had always anticipated and intended.

Then, James, the brother of Jesus, opened the prophecy of Amos to them:

“In that day, I will restore David’s fallen structure of woven limbs that form sukkah protection from the sun that fell disassembled to the ground. I will restore it to full, finished construction as it was before. And the Remnant from among the cultures and the descendants of Esau (non-Jews not from Jacob’s offspring) who call upon My Name will join in the inherited possession (receiving the authorization to participate in My inheritance just as Jacob’s lineage). Yahweh does this–not anyone else.”

(Amos 9:11-12)

What God Intended All Along

We enter a New Era Reformation that will open us to what God is doing–Yahweh does it–that will cause an apostolic order to reset the foundations of the kingdom culture just as God directed oversight leaders to read and understand His prophetic anticipations, thinking something they had not considered before, not discovering new Scripture or something God thought up over a breakfast bagel.

Daniel had such a moment reading Jeremiah. “Hey! It’s time for the 70 years of God recouping His sabbaths of His land to come to an end. We better get ready to go home!”

Now, if we think that God will write a new Bible, add to the present one, or even make up new revelations, we are entirely wrong! No! He will not.

He will reveal again what He told His Remnant before. He will reveal anew what He intended before the Creation. Through His radical, representative, Remnant kingdom culture, He will inform the world who learn from His representative oversight leaders.

He will quote the Bible to them. He will tear up the textbooks on doctrinal idolatry that divide a united kingdom culture. He will set outside that Remnant those who refuse to listen to Him by refusing to read, prepare, and obey His written graphe.

Death to Superstitions

Several prophetic movement superstitions will fall during this process.

The ridiculously unbiblical and irrational conclusion that “God can tell me personally if He has anything to say, and I’ll not listen to anyone until He does” will meet with Divine rebuke.

The insidious rebellion against kingdom oversight leadership will separate the chaff from the royal seed of the Remnants during the establishing with the open-door invitation and intention of a welcome to rejoin kingdom reset in the future.

The radical return to the Bible as a context for the prophetic process will rise to a global level under the faithful judgment of apostles and oversight elders–the five aspects of kingdom leadership Jesus bestowed upon the kingdom for the ekklesia to be constructed, prepared, and positioned for operational integrity, and matured in a relationship for spiritual oneness with Christ.

The Remnants will lead because God will reveal these things unto His representatives, and clarification of authentic apostolic, prophetic, and training will occur.

A further division will appear within the present context of churchism so that the next generation of kingdom reset may be established.

The greatest hope will emerge that those sent home from this Gideon-type strategy will later join the new era reformation with wholeheartedness.

God Begins with Dreams and Visions

An increase in dreams and visions provides the context for this process, leading to a kingdom ekklesia of apostles and oversight elders to reset the kingdom to the renewed revelation from the Bible.

The kingdom will suffer a needed sifting between those who welcome this “Yahweh does this” and those who insist on maintaining the status quo. In Acts, this group of resistance leaders insisted upon Jewish culture instead of kingdom culture. In this reset, the resistance will come from church-growthism and the error of assuming God designed the church upon the homogenous unit instead of the kingdom culture.

What in the World is Yahweh Doing?

This reset will not be a particularly American incident, and that will cause consternation. It is not to be measured by any natural culture. Any kingdom oversight elder insisting upon a natural culture bias will transgress the “Yahweh does this” foundation.

The effort of church-growthism to install the homogenous unit to kingdom betrays the Simon Peter trance revelation.

David’s sukkah is kingdom culture. David established it in Jerusalem, and Jesus rules it eternally as Messiah. Every nation comes under that protection just as the ark of the covenant, the Glory, came under it on Mount Zion. That covering restores cultures without destroying them, but it does not provide for subcultural as a division within the kingdom.

We have turned the homogenous unit into a principle of division. We even say that people should choose a place of fellowship where they feel nice and comfy. Yahweh did not do that!

God is building an international inheritance for His Son through a kingdom culture applicable to every person in every place on Earth.

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