How to Miss It as a Prophet

Speak as a Prophet When you Ain’t

Prophets accurate at the personal or regional level become inaccurate at the national level when they step outside their metrons.

Ten thousand intercessors hearing and seeing the same thing as the “prophet” who didn’t write a book or do an interview know how to pray, not how to lead. They should not have written a book. They aren’t prophets. Articulate reporters are not prophets. Articulate intercessors are not leaders.

Speak Outside Your Assigned Metron

Prophets attempting to lead outside their metrons are immediately dysfunctional and fall into malpractice. And prophets are often given platforms to speak when they lack God’s assignment or metron for that platform. When they share a pure revelation with a strained communication, the effort falls short.

The fullness of revelation comes in the context of a prophetic process that leads to implementation. They should submit revelation and communication to kingdom leaders at the national level.

Allow the Wrong People to Award Promotions

Publishers sell stuff. If it sells, “God must be in it.” When the prophetic became a publishing genre, the people deciding what and who to publish usurped the role of kingdom leaders. [We have lost kingdom culture, and we do not know we have lost it.] They lacked kingdom authorization to determine the use of revelation or the scope of authority given to those communicating it.

In some instances, these opportunitists usurping kingdom leadership positions were merely reporting prophetic information like a heavenly press release. When people found out they could get exposure through this media, the trend toward promotion gave these opportunitists unwarranted, unearned, and undeserving power to determine the scope, urgency, merit, and importance of revelation.

When prophetic revelation became a publishing income stream, the popularity of “best selling author” was added to the prophetic validation process. Nothing could be further from the kingdom culture norms than this!

How in the wide world of sports did we assume that popularity suddenly became the gage of prophetic leadership validity!

Sales figures are not the gage of metron. We end up another Y2K kind of mess that we clean up after the fact without returning book sales we sold when the predictions fall short of the projected outcome.

We sell goofy stuff as quickly as solid Biblical, apostolic instruction. We then put the best sellers up to speak with the authentic generals. We end up with Dutch Sheets and an intercessor with comic book ideas on the same interview.

We do err exceedingly!

We end with a word for the intercessors presented by a private first class to the nations. The revelation should pass through a prophetic process. The revelation should go to generals who give that revelation its proper place and part in an implementable battleplan. Instead, we break all kingdom protocol possible and teach people to let Holy Spirit tell them personally what to do with that revelation.

Welcome to prophetic disaster! Not even satan couldn’t miss the point that far and giggle about it.

Promotions from the wrong sources often position prophets where God never sets them. A revelation communicated as a national message ends up as mere information without a kingdom implementation.

Remember that Prophets Lead

Prophets are leaders. Leadership has a kingdom scope of authorization known as metron and the accompanying authorization to assess known as kanon. Prophets follow the leadership scope assigned, and when they do not, they will jump to erroneous conclusions about valid revelations.

When the person who prophesies attempts to lead outside the metron and kanon of kingdom assignment—and social media and overnight publishing make this happen—the revelation starts to stutter, and the message begins to flutter.

When these prophets struggled to create communication—step 2 of the process—they start telling people they are not authorized to lead what they think God said. But they cannot lead at the level and scope of their communication, so they are left to jump to conclusions and confusions.

People mix authentic leadership guidance with bozo the clown conspiracy theories and start buying up Zombie bullets or Nephilim ammo.

Add this dynamic to the lack of prophetic process, and you get a morass of pseudo prophetic babble, literature, and entertainment for consumer consumption.

Fodder for the flimsy immediately turns to fiction.

Prophetic Malpractice

Prophets are all prone to jump to conclusions. Prophetic logic, so to speak, is a process. Entire books have been written to reach the wrong conclusions because they did not follow the prophetic process.

[May I mention that I have not started warning of this outcome yesterday but for several years?]

This is where the prophetic process reveals how far communication drifts from revelation.

Yes, we were warned long before this fodder flew into the fan.

The publishers and interview hosts incapable of judging and making the strategic decisions will put the same voices who brought the confusion back on tour. Selling the doubled-down dysfunction will make this mess worse.

Why not ask some authentic apostles and prophets? That will bring us to the next subject of why these authentic leaders are too busy with priorities of battlefield urgency to meddle with the muddle.

Prophetic Process

The answer is kingdom culture with its principles, processes, and protocols. Maturing the apostolic restoration into a New Era Reformation begins with the restoration of kingdom culture. The answer cannot be found hammering that restoration into contemporary church-growthism.

The prophetic process includes revelation, communication, interpretation, application, and implementation.

God speaks today. God speaks into a culture, not a community or movement. God speaks in the context of the kingdom through kingdom leaders functioning by the design and definition of their leadership roles. God speaks with intentionality, communicating what He wants with the Divine aim to get what He wants.

Without that cultural context, without that prophetic process, revelation becomes a novelty bartered for its value as entertainment by consumers without that implementable strategy.

This is the very essence of dishonoring prophecy.

For more information on “The Prophetic Process,” go to Dr. Don Lynch’s YouTube channel for up to 12 hours of free instruction made available to you. Consider making a donation to this international ministry.

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