Judgment, Reaping, or Demonic Storm?

The kingdom stands frozen in place without a robust spiritual consensus because we cannot decide if God wants to kill thousands of people or the devil sent the virus.

Some of our heroes offer what if answers and calls to prayer to stop the virus while others say God is doing it as if we should pray more people to die so God’s judgment will be successful.

What we need is more than a prayer for surviving a virus. What we need is a rational way of viewing the end times. What we need is leadership instead of lawlessness. What we need is a revelation of the priorities of the King for His kingdom instead of the priorities of narcissistic church-goers as a basis for response.

We still have this “should we have church or not?” mentality that reveals we are ignorant of ekklesia, kingdom, and how things really work in the spirit.

We have received enough prophetic words to tear the boat apart in the storm with some thinking Jesus walking on water is a ghost because of superstition and others thinking Jesus is careless for sleeping.

Even the ones that accurately predicted the virus–few in number as we should have expected–failed to provide a prophetic process that results in an apostolic implementation for kingdom expansion.

Mostly we have heard pontifications of prophetic revelations by prophets ignoring prophetic process and viewing the prophetic role as a mouthpiece for Jesus: “may the most accurate word giver win the Kingdom Prophetic The Voice contest.” Taking the “I am a voice crying in the wilderness” model as the definition of prophetic leadership without the water baptism pattern as a means of introducing the entire reason you have a voice in the first place.

In other words, the prophetic for its own sake is a dead-end detour into a Prophet Land amusement park. We are still prioritizing our insecurities: “we need to prove we hear from God.” That is infantile, but we are still stuck on formula instead of prophetic leadership meat.


If you are asking yourself whether or not this is God’s judgment, you can rest assured it is not.

In actuality, most of the comments about judgment are actually statements about this being like “what is coming next,” which has been the theme of end-time chart readers since Darby introduced his spurious dispensationalism. It becomes the latest evangelical “you better get right with God” message. Not wrong but extremely neo-evangelical, ignoring the goals of kingdom expansion for the “just get people born again and that is all we are called to do” priority of church-growthism.

If this were judgment, we would expect God would do a better job of killing people.

Let’s review Biblical judgments:

  • 1. God makes decisions.
  • 2. God carries out those decisions.
  • 3. God looks for every excuse to apply mercy instead of punishment due.
  • 4. Judgments and punishment are two different things, and judgments were set in place before Creation with punishments reserved for the situations in which mercy can no longer shout louder than judgment.

The Revelation gets blamed for a lot of things with which It has nothing to do. And, of course, the destruction of Israel by the Romans prophecies of Jesus are applied to everything that happens even though the actual wording is that this signals what is coming next, not what it. We are supposed to think that history repeats itself in a global sense even when the prophecies of Jesus are clear about what happened with Roman got tired of fussing with Jewish rebellions.

Remember, Jesus didn’t send the Romans. He prophesied they were coming because the spiritual conditions in Israel were not changed when Messiah arrived. Which brings us to “reaping what we’ve sown.”


Judgment and reaping what we’ve sown are two different things. God is not mocked or dishonored in this reality, whatever a person sows, he reaps. Sow death and get death. Sow destruction and reap destruction. Sow lawlessness, reap lawlessness.

The virus is not judgment if it is a harvest of a previous planting. It is then the preset wages of satanic control by spiritual conditions that interpret history for individuals and nations.

China sowed and reaped. Nations propped up China’s monstrous, inhuman lie, countries reaped. Fortunately for the US, President Trump has reset our relationship with this ungodly, evil, brutal regime so that the aftermath leaves China weakened.

Unhealthy practices produce unhealthy harvests. In this case, thousands of people die because it is a nation and culture of death with global influence. Greed for cheap goods at the cost of Chinese slave labor is the harvest reaped.

Devilish Storm?

The devil is mean, unfair, hate-filled, and uncontrollably vicious in his deceptions. He lies to gain an advantage. We can see the works of the devil in this virus and the spiritual terrorism that has accompanied it.

There is an apparent spiritual component in this scenario, easily discerned as satanic, not Divine. This is not God’s judgment, nor is this God using satan. This is a spiritual wind meeting a kingdom breeze and producing a whirlwind of opposition to God;’s purposes as we enter the Roaring Twenties.

Jesus rebuked the wind to stop the storm. Jesus reached the shore and faced the Legion.

The question is, “What is satan trying to keep the Remnant from reaching?”

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