Kingdom Dynamics: Honor

Honor Releases Anointing

Honoring the one sent releases what God sent through the one He sent. This sense of sending and releasing is fundamental to kingdom dynamics. Honor releases anointing when releases calling which releases created destiny. Everything in the kingdom functions SpiritFirst, and anointing is spiritual power and authority. God targets kingdom people with anointing because He knows their destinies.

Jesus says, “A prophet has honor except in His hometown.” The reality is that we tend to dismiss the anointing in people when we are familiar with their humanity, measuring them by their commonness more than their uniqueness. When we dismiss the anointing in people, we fail to discern their destinies. They killed Jesus because they couldn’t recognize His purpose.

“Isn’t He Joseph’s son? Didn’t He used to have a lemonade stand on the corner? Wasn’t His momma in some kind of problem when He was born? Isn’t His family kinda ‘one of us?’ How could He be special?”

Kingdom dynamics require discernment of spiritual conditions, a stronger sense of created destiny than observable appearance. Samuel revealed an immaturity of prophetic leadership when he measured Jesse’s boys by their outward appearances, and the anointing oil stayed when Samuel would have released it.

I’m not talking about potential. Potential measures flesh. We can’t measure anointing by human potential; if we do, we will always ‘warp the weapon’ by ascribing to it a misplaced purpose. Kingdom doesn’t measure people by potential; kingdom discerns anointing as a means of discerning assignment, as a means of discerning calling, gifts, and created destiny.

Honor releases anointing. It releases what God sent the person to release; and when we honor the one sent, we honor the One who sent him. You can be certain God didn’t anoint something in the person other than what He created the person to be and called the person to do. When kingdom leaders discern what God put in and release it, they bring people into their highest.

Consider that there is a lot of stuff sent that isn’t being released because our kingdom leadership dynamics limit the release of what God has already made available.

Consider also that we are honoring what God did not send more than what God sent when we measure men by potential instead of anointing.

Have you heard yourself say, “Wow, that one would make a good Christian?” Rethink the presuppositions of that statement. When you measure a person’s potential by their flesh, you aren’t considering the greatest dynamics of their kingdom leadership assignment.

God will choose the ones no one else chooses when making up teams for softball or soccer on the playground. He is interested in releasing what He created, called, anointed, gifted, and involves Himself in the process through Providence. But part of God’s process of personal destiny fulfillment involves kingdom leadership because every person He created can only find their fullness through the kingdom. The kingdom is SpiritFirst, so created people get started with destiny fulfillment when they are born into the kingdom.

What You Bless…

So, take care how and when you honor. Honor what God sent, not potential. When you release what God sent in a person by discovering their created destiny, anointing, gifts, and calling, you are making God’s will available to His kingdom. What you bless will expand. What you curse will be limited.

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