Kingdom Protocols

Protocols serve as guidelines for an agreement, treaty, or covenant. Their describe behaviors, ways of interacting, doing business, and communicating. The protocols perserve the agreement and are based upon a good understanding of the relationship between parties. Protocols are a way of behaving consistent with an agreement.

God has protocols for His kingdom culture, ways of behaving and doing kingdom business consistent with the nature and purpose of the covenant. We learn of these protocols in Scripture, by stated principle and the behaviors of kingdom leaders.

Protocols preserve the function of the covenant agreement. To ignore protocols is to behave inconsistently toward the purpose of the agreement, to countenance the agreement, yet nullify its goals. Protocols strength the function of the parties who have entered into agreement, provide understanding to avoid misunderstanding, and signal a true and sincere commitment to the terms of the covenant.

God has protocols to which He remains true. God behaves consistent to His agreements and guarantees this behavior by a vow He made with Himself there being no higher authority to which He could be accountable. God spells out the protocols of behavior for His people so they can learn to behave and function in the kingdom consistent with the kingdom covenant agreement between God and His people.

When we weaken, ignore, or sidestep protocols, we damage our ability to function in covenant. We dishonor our agreement with God, and things just don’t work properly.

Prophetic Protocol

Prophetic revelation is simply based upon three realities: God knows what He wants; God tells us what He wants; and, God finds pepole who can get Him what He wants. After all, it is a kingdom, and He is the King. So, the communication link is vital to here and now functions of the kingodm.

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