Kundalini and Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit and the kundalini spirit are not the same, similar, or confusingly alike. In spite of some smear efforts by disgruntled people and leaders who are simply offended and filled with revenge and hatred, the comparisons made between them do not stand up to valid experience or to Scripture. The concept that some spirit is “invading Christianity” is simpleminded at best and purposefully ignorant at the worst.

The kundalini spirit is a demonic spirit with feminine character that is worshipped broadly and applied to yoga and other forms of mysticism. The fact that this demon exhibits and manifests some actions and activity that appear – appear – to resemble manifestations of some people who are touched by Holy Spirit has little or nothing to do with anything. It certainly doesn’t prove that the Church is being invaded by some spirit.

One poorly-conceived hatchet job video that has been circulated by a disgruntled and deposed leader attempts to show these comparison. If we are to accept the fundamentally flawed presuppositions of the producer about “how things work in the Spirit,” we could then apply the actions and activities of people at a play, opera, rock concert, birthday party, lecture series, political rally, or football game to the notion that similarities in personal or crowd reactions and responses prove that a spirit has invaded Christianity.

For example, people applaud at church now. Growing up such behavior was never part of my church experience. People never responded to what was happening in a service by applauding. The first time I experienced this in church, I was appalled! My mother was particularly disenchanted with the idea that people would applaud a song or message or comment in church. People applaud at shows, concerts, lectures, plays, and rallies but they weren’t supposed to respond this way to what was going on in church!

So, are we to assume that his behavior is an invasion of a spirit? Believing this would not be inconsistent with the presuppositions of the video production in terms of “how things work in the spirit.” A person weeps, laughs, falls down, closes their eyes, holds up their hands, jumps, shouts, expresses physically the spiritual reality they are experiencing through their emotions and mind in ways that also have physical expressions – this within itself fails to prove that any of the behavior or lack of it is a manifestation of a demonic spirit.

I can say, “Hhhummmm” fifty time without having any motivation or intention about connecting with the oneness of the universe or releasing some aspect of my inner being because I have no worldview belief system that this is “how things work in the spirit.” If I laugh, weep, jump, shout, shake, or operate in a spiritual gift in private or public, it isn’t because I have been demonized by allowing a leader to lay hands on me.

This is simply superstition at work in offended and misguided people, a form of fear no different from that which the disciples had in the boat when they saw Jesus walking on the water: “It is His ghost!” They were mistaken about “how things work in the spirit” and filled with terror because the actions and behavior of Jesus didn’t fit their experience and offended their minds.

Studying the False More than the True

The mistake that many offended and religiously deceived people make in becoming experts about evil in order to attack and harm people they dislike or hate is studying the false as a means of proving the true. God never asks us to become experts in evil in order to recognize it. He asks us to become experts in the authentic so that the false becomes immediately apparent to us through the same means we know Him and His Word.

The people making these comparisons both say and leave the impression that they have uncovered the deep, dark secret that the people they despise have been using to deceive people, that they are the experts in this great deception because of their understanding of demonic spirits and activities. They wish to believe, say, and impress upon people that they have had their eyes opened through research, and they are sent by God to correct this massive fallacy.

Of course, they went looking for something with which to wound, a weapon to attack what they didn’t like in the first place, and they became experts in evil in order to prove their point. They don’t prove their point at all. What they do is leave the strongest impressions possible that they have uncovered a conspiracy that finally reveals the deep, dark deception of thousands of people following the pied pipers of false revival or something.

We learn from Scripture that people respond differently in times of experiencing God, in ways similar to other behaviors caused by other stimuli, and that there are distinct similarities in behavior by people influenced by evil spirits and people influenced by angels and Holy Spirit. Yet, ignoring these principles, critics whose motivation is to destroy and demean – they have no other real motive like “contending for truth” or “exposing error” as they say – simply wish to make everything they see in people they despise demonic.

For example, people can experience fear and terror as personal reaction to either angels of God or demons of hell. People can experience awe, laughter, anger, obsession, sleep, trance, dream, prophecy, and a host of other experiences, according to Scripture, and the source of these responses and reactions be either from heaven or hell. To say that any experience that causes fear is of the devil would certainly make the story of the shepherds who heard the announcement of angels about the birth of Messiah a strange story even if you attempted to prove they were afraid because they weren’t right with God – convoluted but interesting if you start with being an expert in evil.

Or, take the experience of John the Baptist’s daddy: any spirit that causes a man to be dumb is demonic. Oops! An angel took away his ability to speak until the moment he named the baby “John.”

So, a person falling down, shaking, speaking in tongues, laughing, sleeping, closing their eyes, holding the hand palms up, or all the behaviors people wish to ascribe to a demon in order to “get to the truth” about leaders and revivals they don’t like for whatever reason, are not of God or of the devil either one by the measurement and observation of the response alone. Demons laugh. Angels laugh. The devil laughs. God laughs. Laughter is neither devilish or Divine. It is a respond or reaction based upon some other, deeper motivation and intention.

Can a person have a kundalini spirit? Seems pretty probable given the fact that millions are worshipping at the altar of this spirit. Does this mean that any time a believer has a similar physical response to Holy Spirit that he or she must certainly be demonized by the same spirit? Nope.

Overreaction to the Words “Lying Wonders”

The enemy has done a thorough job on some people about signs and wonders – he has used this verse to convince them that any signs and wonders must be devilish so that people resist what God is doing in the earth or attribute God’s actions to the devil.

Moses and Aaron encountered the power of hell in Egypt when the magicians were able to do what God was doing through them in several instances. The magicians displayed the same manifestations of spiritual power in several ways that were observable enough to convince Pharaoh and others, and the Bible doesn’t say this they didn’t. There came a time when they could no longer keep up and admitted that what was happening through Moses and Aaron was “the finger of God.”

So, in some instances what God was doing and what hell was doing appeared to be the same thing. Yet, what God was doing was a sign and wonder from God while what hell was doing was sourced in evil, a lying wonder. In this circumstance, God didn’t walk away from doing signs and wonders to avoid confusion! God didn’t have a strategy of avoiding lying wonders by ceasing to do signs and wonders at all! “Better play it safe and stop the miracles to keep My people from being confused.”

The critics of spiritual manifestations like to become experts in evil, then use their poorly-conceived conclusions as a basis for saying, “I have the brought you poor dumbies the truth now. You were too caught up in the silliness and fell for the traps, but I’ve had the deeper understanding of Scripture to hold me strong in the face of these lying wonders.”

Here’s a problem they face: The Bible makes it clear that God does signs and wonders. Even though they say the Bible teaches that God changed tactics after the last apostle died, no such wording or even a hint of such a concept exists in the Bible! If you think it does, find it! Such a claim should be rather apparent, easily found, and require little or no commentary and historic explanations of “the testimony of church history.”

Instead, they read a verse from 1 Corinthians 13 that has nothing to do with signs and wonders, apostolic leadership, anointing and revival, and write a commentary consistent with their theory of “how things work in the spirit.” They project through this verse and accompanying texts that say nothing about God retiring from the miracles, signs, and wonders business upon the entire Church, and then have the audacity to declare that anything miracle, sign or wonder is devilish! Whether they know it or not, the devil loves them and their books and messages! The devil is saying, “Thank you for doing my work for me. You guys are the most effective voices I have to discredit God.”


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