Leviathan, Systematic Spiritual Delusion, Part 5

Step 4 – Spiritual Revolution

Isaiah says that God has been repeating the same message over and over, but the leaders of Israel are stupid with drunkenness. They simply refuse to listen to the revelation of God’s expectations, insisting upon God speaking a different message. So, God will reset the foundation cornerstone and put a plumb line on the foundation wall these leaders have built.

Deception and delusion have moved into drunkenness. A stupor has overcome the leaders, an occult veil has blinded the masses.

This revolution is a revolution of the spirit of leadership. The crown or wreath of pride sits upon Samaria, the capital city. Destruction is certain for the seat of pride, the delusion that leads the whole culture away from its purpose and calling. This is the focus of the reset coming to the leadership dynamics of Israel. The strategy of God to deal with the system of delusion is to strategically impact the leadership: a new spiritual leadership dynamic will reverse the affects of the delusions of Leviathan.

The crown or wreath of pride speaks of the leadership delusion that must be eliminated in order for a new systematic spiritual dynamic to be established. When that occurs, the crown or wreath of Glory will be restored, and the expectations of the King will be the motivating influence of the culture. This returns that culture to beliefs, values, and behaviors more consistent with the kingdom of God. Isaiah says judges will love justice and warriors will have the courage to stand guard at the gates.

The drunkenness of pride a deep delusional deception so that leaders hear the repeated, simple revelation of what God wants for the culture over and over without really listening. Leviathan turns deception into delusion, and drunkenness in the leaders best positioned to affect reform. Isaiah calls this “the pride of a people brought low by drunkenness.” Drunkenness removes inhibitions, causes unsteadiness in forward movement, and identifiable behaviors motivated by delusions.

Isaiah 28:16 says, “This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “Look! I am placing a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a splendid corner stone, fixed and established as a foundation. He who believes in it will not be shaken.”

Understand “Zion” by it initial and primary use: the citadel in Jerusalem where David established kingdom. In that sense, “Zion” is the establishment of God’s kingdom by a people in a place at a time or during a generation. While whole books can be written about “Zion” from many perspectives, this simple understanding makes this verse more clear in its application.

The work, “Look,” says, “Spiritual awakening.” When Isaiah hears God say, “Behold!” He knows God is calling attention to something, and he knows that He is doing so because the people He is speaking to are not hearing or seeing because of an occult veil.

About a year ago, I went south to share in meetings with Dutch Sheets and Ken Malone. I went on assignment and in alignment. I went also because I heard God speaks to me about a word Chuck Pierce had released for Florida. I didn’t hear the word personally, didn’t see any pictures or charts. I simply heard someone tell me that Chuck had a word for Florida in which he saw a dark ribbon like a snake running through the state from south to north. I went that weekend, changing my schedule in obedience to the assignment, because God told me it was time to learn my assignment with reference to this word from Chuck Pierce. I was in Brasil at the time Chuck released this revelation.

I spoke with Ken Malone while I was there and told him that part of the reason I was in that place in south Florida had to do with Chuck’s word. During the conference, while Ken was preaching, he turned toward me from the pulpit and prophesied, in part, “Don Lynch, there are thousands of people in Jacksonville and North Florida with your spiritual DNA, but they are blinded by an occult veil.” He went on to speak of some strategy to deal with it, and for a year we have been engaged in this strategic battle bringing us to where we are not as we begin this new year by the Jewish calendar.

Leviathan is the origin of the occult veil. God says, “Behold!” His voice contains the power of awakening! “See this!” He says. “I am setting a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a splendid cornerstone for the foundation, established. He who believes in it will not be moved to panic.”

Awakening overcomes the systematic spiritual delusion, the spiritual blindness, that Leviathan uses to veil the Light and Life of Jesus Christ. The battle for awakening is, in this sense, a battle with Leviathan.

In terms of revolutionary revival and reformation, God answers Leviathan with a reset of His original design and intention. He resets the foundations and recalibrates the meaning of “true” with a plumb line. This answers to the word “paqad” because God’s expectations haven’t changed, and He is resetting the foundation in order to restore the original design.

We can see this as well in the song of the Vineyard. To establish the vineyard that will produce the vintage God desires to drink, rootstock must be established and engrafting must be done. The rootstock is God’s systematic kingdom leadership dynamics, the apostles and prophets at the foundation of function; the grafted scions are true sons and daughters who align with the assignments of Jesus Christ. In the cornerstone picture, this means the authorized architecture of the building He is building will be assigned to leaders who can bring all the activities of His people together in a way that meets His expectations. In any case, a return to the original design is a first step toward giving God what He expects.

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