Limiting the Fuller Release of Great Awakening Revival

In Dr Don’s message on “God’s Enabling Capacities for Warfare,” he experienced several moments of apostolic release that seem like a birthing of revelation. In these moments, one of the principle spiritual conditions that he wrestled to the ground relates to limitations to revival’s greater expansion in our nation.

“For several years, people of spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer, prophetic, apostolic, and revival movements, have attempted to construct claims upon revival and Awakening. These claims are designed to position them so that when it arrives they can own it. They position themselves, because of a desire to recruit and fund mini-movements, with claims of breakthrough and victory that exaggerate their accomplishments as if to say, ‘When the move of God comes, everyone will recognize that we were the ones who made it happen.’

“It is as if they wish to anticipate future history books written, reports made, with vain imaginations of their names being in the headlines, subtitles, and identified with mini-movements that produced revival. They believe what they are doing gives them valid claim to these exaggerations: ‘when revival comes to this city or region or strategic spot, remember this day when we cleansed the land, healed the sick, prophesied the word, and unlocked the heavens.’

“You can recognize this compulsion clearly in the claims heard in every state and major city that ‘we are birthing the centerpiece of the banquet or the epicenter of the earthquake or the initializing fire the national fire that will spread, etc.’ And, you can hear the exaggerated claims that when God touches the nation it will finally cause everyone to recognize they were the ones, the authentic ones.

“This spiritual condition does more to limit the expansion of revival than any the enemy can provide: the enemy cannot limit the move of God as we can by laying claim to the credit in ways that honor us over Him, misappropriations of God’s capacities, supernatural power, and dominating influences essentially say, ‘We did this, and as long as we are leader of this move it will continue.’ Using God’s enabling capacities to put claims on what belongs to Him limits what He is doing more than any work of hell.”



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