Mercy as Opportunity

We are in alignment with Dutch Sheets for the United States of America. He has shared extensively the revelation he is carrying about mercy: “mercy is our new currency.”

As I heard him share this insight and decree the coinage, Holy Spirit convinced me of the nature of our mercy as opportunity season. Since then, we have heard many statements within and without kingdom that speak to this moment in history.

Mercy as Opportunity

Mercy means “I don’t get what I deserve; I get what I don’t deserve.” Mercy becomes opportunity because mercy allows time for change.

To understand why there is evil in the world and evil men who seem to have reprieve to carry out evil, we must look to mercy as opportunity. If God immediately passed final judgment upon people at the first sin they committed, eternal damnation would be justified as immediate and without hope. Mercy is what stays His judgment and justice, and the basis of that stay is repentance. “God would have none perish but all arrive at repentance.” So, mercy is time as opportunity to repent.

Therefore, God allows evil people to do evil things in a world filled with evil because He is extending mercy. Without mercy there would be no evil, but there would also be no world.


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