Missing God in Our “Today”

Leaders Live and Lead “Today” By God’s Revelation of Tomorrow

Jesus says, “Live today without anxiety about tomorrow because each day has its problem-solving opportunities.”

Matthew 6:34

Do you live in the past or future at the expense of the present?

Prophetic people accurately anticipate what’s coming next so they can prepare today. Often, the revelation of accurate anticipation leads to a scrapbook instead of a game plan.

Prophetic people wait to see what the revelation means, failing to recognize that it will not mean what it should if they fail to prepare.

Israel’s Fatal Flaw of MIssing “Today”

“So, offer evidence (authentic Truth) that stands in God’s court to one another (in front of God). Do it today while it is called ‘today,’ so your heart-felt passion and motivation will not become inflexible or unresponsive to revelation evidence because of errant evidence (to the contrary) offered by sin.”

Hebrews 3:13

The apparent outcome of this presentation of evidence, while standing right in front of God who is actively engaged in the process, would be that you are convinced by Truth revealed to you, not by false evidence presented in court by sin.

This entire chapter relates to the report of the twelve spies. Moses sent them into the promise, or “the rest,” that comes when you completely implement the revelation. The people saw the evidence that Moses presented standing before God, assembled as Ekklesia to represent God’s government on Earth, and the people believed the evidence present by sinful unbelief.

“Today” was a day of opportunity (mercy is time as opportunity). God resets mercy every morning so that each day will be a day of opportunity, and Jesus says each day has its own agenda of kingdom opportunity.

Revelation presented as evidence to each of us and the corporate Ekklesia as God’s government on Earth gives us leadership from God through His special representatives. We accurately anticipate what is coming next so we can be and do something Today. If we do, we are ready to believe when another Today arrives. If we do not, what we failed to do hardened our hearts because we responded to Today by sin’s evidence, unmoved to thinking and behavior consistent with revelation’s evidence.

“While it is called “Today” surely stands out as a special phrase. Why does Holy Spirit breathe this language about Today being called “Today” if not to point us to the context of mercy? That is, we either respond to God’s open door to believe, or we tamp down that revelation with dishonor. We act as if what God reveals has no implementation to us, to alter priorities and think and do what that revelation rationally requires.

Living Prophetically in “Today

Not that we should alter our thinking to “living in the moment” per se. This language is not the language of Scripture. “Today” could be considered something other than 24 hours.

Note the contrast between rest from God and rest from obedience. Rest from God is accurately anticipated and calls us to prepare. Rest from satan–sin in this passage is the Deceiver’s evidence–asks us to harden our hearts or continue being who we are and doing what we do.

In the historical context of the passage, the people said, “The giants and warriors of the promised land are too big. We do not believe God will give us the victory His revelation of rest promises us. So, we are not going to prepare for war Today.”

The meaning of “while it is called Today” becomes more apparent. “Today” is mercy, time as opportunity, and the revelation process that prepares us is merciful. But this time is limited.

If we are not prepared, thus ready for “Today,” we will respond with an inflexible heart stuck on the evidence provided by satan: satan’s evidence always says, “You need not do anything, God would never ask us to do that,” and “God needs to do something, not us.”

Prophetic Anticipation and Implementation

In the prophetic process, we involve other people at the point of interpretation of the communication of what we have received. We do so because interpretation leads to application to our own lives and the scope of kingdom application the revelation assumes. Therefore, we need to involve others in the application to be accountable, even if it is a personal revelation.

But the application also leads to implementation. Obedience to the revelation asks us to fully carry out and exhaust the consequences of believing the revelation.

Thus, a revelation of a promised land, rest, or any accurate anticipation that God reveals calls us to become the people of that promise, to prepare to live in that promise. Hence, we are ready when “Today” arrives.

When Israel says, “No, we won’t take the promised land,” they reveal hard hearts of unbelief developed over the time when living in God’s culture and favor should have made them ready.” Instead, they were in suspicion of all God was training them to be and do.

We know this because they murmur every time God tested them. A tiny threat of no water revealed their hard hearts of unbelief. A momentary weariness with manna showed a hardened nature of evidence like the serpent hissed at Eve. They were a rebellious people because they dishonored leadership from God and through Moses every day when it was called “Today.”

Prophetic Process and Implementation Deficits

God allows us lots of “today’s” before the “Today” arrives. In those “todays,” God provides merciful opportunities for radical transformation.

Now, stop a moment, after all this discussion, and consider the present prophetic process and the massive, cataclysmic, pervasive, and destructive implementation deficits that occur when the prophetic people scrapbook prophecy more than they embrace the transformational implementation.

If prophetic culture means anything, it means we become the people who can receive the promise. If not, the outcome of God never comes into our lives. We waste the steady, faithful, merciful flow of revelation because we fail to enter into the process of accountability.

Instead, we rest on the false evidence: We say, “If God revealed it, God can make it happen. We will wait for Him to start doing a better job of being God without making any radical shifts to our priorities, plans, or purposes.”

However, God does not reveal what He wants for an outcome, so He will know what to do. Instead, God reveals what He accurately anticipates, so we will know what to do.

A long-term goal tells you what to do with your life “Today,” or it is nothing but a delusional dream.

Dr. Don Lynch, Personal Leadership

God says, “A Great Awakening is coming.” Instead of leaving lukewarmness and finding a Remnant ready for that Awakening “Today,” we build false evidence of how God will change “them” to get things back to what we envision to be the proper outcome. We remain the same, live, give, pray, worship, and love the same while we rest in what is instead of preparing for what is coming next.

If God reveals Awakening is coming, get yourself into Awakening now. Get out of ministries that refuse to change. Stop following leaders who refuse to change. Stop looking at others for what God needs to do. Instead, start breaking down your internal hardness of heart or the frozen, inflexible, demanding desire of your own passions.

Here’s the point of friction: Awakening brings war with the giants of the land. So, your prophetic anticipation should call you to prepare for war, warring, as a warrior, doing battle today.

Yep, that is the rub between “God needs to do this” rest and “labor to enter this rest” that comes from the application and implementation of the revelation.

God calls churchism to a New Era Reformation, but hard hearts still find ways to reject the apostolic restoration. Working overtime to undermine God’s revealing His desired outcome, they work against the Awakening. They apply the evidence satan offers in court, the testimony of missing the mark sinfulness contrary to the evidence we are to present to one another every Today while it is called “Today.”

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