New Era Tactical Manual for Warfare: Research and Distractions

If your focus, as an intercessor, is the inevitability of evil instead of the assurance of overcoming victory, you will agree with hell more than Heaven. You will think the strategy for defeating any of the hellish monsters involves your own strength and wisdom.

  1. You do not have to make yourself suffer physical and emotional pain to purchase victories over hellish monsters; your battle is with fear and distraction, not cave-dwelling and whipping your own back to bleed for the nations; you may sweat great drops of blood, and you may experience the battle in your physical body, but you are purchasing anything with that pathos. You are sharing the sufferings of Christ – a shared spiritual experience of the application of His pathos to the present defeat of His enemies.
  2. You do not have to gain wisdom yourself to provide strategies for the battles you fight; you are not a general; and if you were a general, you do not figure anything out; the strategies of God arrive by impartation of revelation; God already figured it all out and reveals eternal, strategic wisdom to His representatives;
  3. Understanding some conspiratorial manifestation of hell in history makes you less prepared for the present battle; it makes you think you are ready because of what you know from research instead of what you believe by revelation; what you know and what you believe are two very different things; if you come to believe in your research, it becomes your source for trust, and you will fail if you trust your knowledge into of believing revealed and imparted Divine wisdom; the spiritual conspiracy is as old as Lucifer in Heaven and manifests throughout history in the cultures, but that conspiracy – the rudiments of this cosmic order – operates on perceptions and deceptions, not Truth; understanding Truth is always the source of strategic wisdom – we do what we do and pray what we pray by revelation, not calculation;
  4. Agreement prayer is more powerful than individual prayer; and, here is the distraction supplied by organizing intercessors with human strategies that often limits intercession; in order to attract intercessors to some group, distracting exaggerations and marketing superiorities come into play; to attract intercessors, motivating them to agree with one group or another becomes more critical than assignment of intercessors by the Intercessor; agreeing with a downline or upline is not the same as agreeing with revelation from God; when we have distractions from groups seeking to appear more in the know about the monsters of hell than the might of God, we freeze-frame the issue on the problem; notice this carefully: agree about hellish monsters is not overpowering, but agreement with God produces both oneness of spirit and overcoming authority and power in battle.
  5. Research that gives you more insight into the problem than the strategy to solve the problem is the research you did instead of submitting to the apostolic order that communicates revelation; submitting to your assignment is submitting to your alignment; the person gives fresh orders on the battlefield is not the person standing toe to toe with a spiritual enemy of God; so, your trust in your research will always put you out of position, seeking to confront what you found in knowledge instead of submitting to your strategic positioning by someone with revelation blueprints and battleplans in front of him;
  6. You defeat what you do not understand; you overcome surrounded by mystery; you stand in principle when the unexpected puts you in the fire; you pray anyway when lion’s den hotel rooms are offered to intercessors, you do not understand what you prayed until 21 days pass by; you are praying a part in agreement with God and His strategies, and you do not need to understand the reason for your part of the battle; distracted by your need, desire, or demand to know all things, you fail to do the job you are assigned to do.
  7. The distraction of research and conspiracies will move you out of position, and the battle you should be fighting will appear too small to you; you become convinced that your part is more significant when you face historic monsters of hellish, fire-breathing stature; you think you need to face Goliath when you need to run into the valley after someone else takes his head; that is, you think your research will locate you among the generals, to be heard and seen, when you need to be hidden in a closet praying for your children and regional Ecclesia leaders; while you may be prepared by facing territorial prevailing spiritual conditions, your closet is your home base, not the temples of doom displayed and celebrated by monuments to the beasts Daniel saw coming from the sea; the idea that the best researchers are the leaders comes from distraction, not Divine strategy.

The idea that the most powerful things you do in intercession occur in secret, where Father sees, has lost its luster in the bright spotlights of “I discovered a mysterious Illuminate Nephilim hiding in the library of congress, and this is the key to everything, if only everyone will listen to me for the intercession we need to release, at the moment when everyone hears my voice…”


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