“New from Old” Revelations: Comments on Courtrooms of Heaven

The Bible does not contain the Word of God; the Bible is the Word of God.

However, the Bible is not exhaustive. It doesn’t tell us everything, but everything It tells us is eternally, immutably, and ultimately Truth. The Bible doesn’t exhaust the subject of marriage, angels, demons, nations, history, or science. It doesn’t answer all the questions. When the Bible speaks, hints, presupposes, states, declares, and reveals anything, It is without error.

Study of the Bible reveals more than one layer of revelation.

  1. Primary interpretation begins with the historicity of the Scriptures since most of the Bible has historical setting with real people living the revelation;
  2. Practical application comes from personal behavior and social culture based upon both the prophets speaking for God and the Law or expectations revealed in command, exhortation, and principle form; Jesus says these are all eternal in spiritual meaning and practical application;
  3. Prophetic revelation begins with the imagery of any hidden thing brought to Light as a manifestation of spiritual reality, something real that was not available to human comprehension without God breaking into the closed system and revealing it how and when He chooses; the “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” aspect is included in prophetic revelation.

By way of simplistic example, the Good Samaritan story has ¬†record, how to treat one’s neighbor and how to determine who is one’s neighbor, and failure of ceremonial worship and law without grace to meet the needs, Jesus laying the need world at the doorstep of the innkeeper kingdom serves as an overview of redemption.

New is Old

So, we are not writing new Bible verses or books. Most, perhaps all, “new” revelations are actually old revelations. All revelations expose something old because it is already established in God but revealed when and how by His decisions.

Immediately a “new” revelation arrives, we usually understand that something neglected has been given a breath of fresh air by Holy Spirit. We do not assume that “no one ever thought of that before”, but that God mercifully resets that Truth into kingdom.

Jesus says, The kingdom of heaven is like a man bringing out treasures old and new.

It is never a challenge to the eternal nature of Truth that Truth follows a “hidden and revealed” pattern. Because men lose Truth, can’t see or hear Truth, miss Truth right under their noses has nothing to do with the integrity of Truth.

So, “new” revelations are restorations of meaning already available in the Bible.

Robert Henderson has dug out “new from old” in a very Biblical way in the two books he has written so far about the language, manner of operation, and courtroom procedures of prayer, intercession, and legal rights known by spiritual origin and nature. In examining the Biblicity of the books, we find solid exegesis without exaggeration to prove a point, and solid practical applications and prophetic revelations based upon “How Things Really Work in the Spirit.”

[Operating in the Courts of Heaven and Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven are available from many online sources and electronically as well as Robert Henderson’s own website.]

New, but Exaggerated

Any revelation can be diminished by exaggeration. The greatest enemy of Truth is exaggeration. The enemy used exaggeration of Scripture with Jesus to tempt and test Him to operate in potential instead of purpose. God’s enemies have been using this method for millenia to distract from Truth and provide substitutes for Truth with systematic forms of “the teachings of demons.” Adding enough Scripture to error, borrowed from a healthy teaching as the basis for producing a polluted one, often provides hell with enough ammunition to lead people into rejecting significant revelation God wants His people to have.

In other words, God reveals something old as new, hell mixes in exaggeration and opens the door to ancient errors on “How Things Really Work in the Spirit,” and the church rejects the entire revelation because they fail to understand the difference between Truth and leaven. They throw the baby out with the bath water. This has been done so many times that we would think the church would see the obvious…

This is already happening with Courtrooms teachings. To this we add, “Of course.”

We all recognize this method of hell to discredit significant revelation. We also recognize how christian leaders “protect us from error” by force feeding us a set of “this is all there is” systematics. We should be able to recognize this as the same form of religious tradition that killed Jesus. It empties the kingdom of power, “protects” us from Truth as if we are too ignorant without experts in systematics to recognize it, and pretty much leaves the kingdom of God on the sidelines of history because we are strategically diminished by blindness.

In other words, we cannot and should not throw out the courtrooms revelation with the bath water that cleanses it from error.

Points of Exaggeration

Strengths are the basis for weakness. The strengths of the teaching and practice of courtroom prayer and intercession with prophetic capacities can be the weaknesses of the same. Again, this is par for the course with the leaven of hell, a method of creating hesitation about revelation, then distancing God’s people from it.

  1. Courtrooms doesn’t mean prayer closets, intercession, warfare, worship, or any other Bible form of prayer is obsolete; we have not found a way to bypass intercession work, birthing pangs, fasting, travailing, prevailing prayer, and warfare; we have not traded our garments of prayer in a briefcase and business suit;
  2. Courtrooms are not a magic formula, “put in a nickel and push a button to get what you want from God’s courtroom machine”, bippity-boppity-boo with angels flitting about to dust you with pixie; people who already operate in prayer with the assumption God exists to get them what they want will buy tickets to another circus act called “courtrooms” that is not real;
  3. Courtrooms are not designed for elite, “through us alone can you enter, here’s my card” supersaints, and this is not a new parlor trick for $100 way of avoiding prayer in anyone’s life; if courtroom leaders empty your closet, limit your prayer time, or substitute for your personal prayer assignments from the Intercessor, drop what you are doing as “courtrooms” and find authentic courtrooms of heaven application based upon Biblical revelation.

There are websites, Facebook groups, and social media outlets already lining up to represent courtrooms with questionable motives, untested leaders, some with witchcraft processes, and several with new age thinking. They are ready to take your money and empty out your faith, offering you confusion at the expense of the authentic. Opportunists abound!

And, we are in danger of repeating our mistakes. The mistakes we made with every other form of restored Bible revelation should not be repeated, by mishandling revelation, allowing immature people to lead, and failing to publicly (within the kingdom) correct error before it intrenches. Without this, good people avoid the revelation like the plague because they wish to avoid identifying with the mess created by the riff-raff, opportunists, and systematics of exaggerations (three separate groups of people).

Let’s do all we can to avoid that scenario!

Basic Teaching of Scripture

The language of the Bible is chosen by Holy Spirit. I believe He chose specific words, created new words, offered the right adjectives, used different words to talk about the same thing at times in order to offer more than one spiritual perspective for the multi-faceted wisdom of God. (See Ephesian 3:10)

So, as we expound upon a “new as old” revelation, we are unpacking what Holy Spirit provided at the time of inspired writing. We are not adding or taking away from the Bible. We are discovering something available all along that remained hidden at times.

We either missed it, lost it (after discovering it) during times of spiritual cold or lukewarmness, or simply operated in such immaturity with respect to spiritual things and reality that we didn’t get to this level in some generations.

To answer the question, “How do we know it is ‘Bible’?” we begin with basic teachings of the Scripture. Robert Henderson does this in his two books. His treatment is solid, without exaggeration, true to word usage, meaning, syntax, and God’s intentions in revelation of spiritual things. His discussions lead to convincing conclusions that do nothing to confuse basic Bible teaching and mature spiritual practices. He does not overreach to prove his point in these two books.

Not everyone involving themselves in courtrooms can say the same, and that is my point is writing this blog.

Jesus Began to Do and Teach

I find myself saying, “Do this first, then teach it.”

That’s how I approached CR, and I taught it in our Kingdom Center to lay down the fathering foundation for the revelaion and procedures and protocols. We were fully involved in intercession, warfare, and prophetic process at a mature level before we added CR to what we have been doing. We had been doing it for a very long time locally and internationally.

We ask Cherie Bosch to come in and train us to do something, then I taught the principles behind that practice to put context to its legitimacy. We entered into this seamlessly, and our FreedomRooms, FreedomMinistry, Prophetic Teams, and PrayerMountain foundations gained a powerful new weapon. We did not have a blip on the radar screen, confusion in what is valid, and none of what we are assigned to do suffered from distraction.

We do not now allow the most immature to lead. We do not allow prophetic process to lose its integrity. We do not shut down prayer and send the intercessors “for an ice cream” since they won’t be needed anymore. We do not deal with freedom issues that already have a Bible process in CR. We do not help people off their disciplines so they can use CR as a new magic wand. We do not say, “Well, all that stuff we taught you has now be shown to be pretty much mickey mouse and daffy duck since we’ve entered into the new apostolic elevator to magic mountain of instant “you can now finally get God to do what you want” with the “open sesame” secrets of CR.

No! We remain who we are and what we’ve been, equipped with a new weapon or tool that greatly expands the effectiveness of our ministry. If you have that foundation, or to the extent you have that foundation operating in maturity, you will add CR to the spiritual OS of your ministry with ease and effectiveness.

Without that mature foundation, you are going to go through a process of picking some bugs out of your teeth, especially if you start out with someone teaching the CR who doesn’t do CR after having been trained by someone already matured in the principles by expertise and experience. Personally, I would offer this thought: CR now needs more training for seer leadership than more teachers of the principles. Robert Henderson has helped with the teaching part, but the practice will make or break the final outcome on a widespread scale.

If we have malpractice, the principles will fall victim to “well, we don’t do it that way” or “well, we have a deeper revelation than Robert” or “we visited heaven and Jesus showed us a better way.” Etc. That is, the practice will start wagging the dog.

Bible principles, procedures, and protocols reveal God and how God does stuff so our presuppositions about “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” are accurate. May the CR revelation remain true to God and His ways!

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