Not Many Fathers, Part 2

“Many teachers but not many fathers…”

Fathers speak of origination, inheritance, DNA, and trans-generational purpose. Fathers properly produce through covenant. Father develop inheritors from true sons and daughters.

Destiny discovery and fulfillment is one of the most vital and personal purposes of a fathering strategy. God designed destiny fulfillment with a fathering dynamic: “Train up a child in his way he should go; and as he is growing older, he will not depart from it.”

The significance of the Hebrew is that “the way he should go” is “his way.” That is, the father discovers the child’s way and trains the child to walk it as “the way he should go.” God had the full understanding that the child He created should have a fathering leadership to discover “the child’s way” when the child is too immature to understand “his way” or “train himself to walk in his way.”

Fathers do not have the freedom to assign children with destiny or purpose. Fathers discover and discern destiny and purpose when children are too uninformed, immature, and insecure to discover it, and then fathers train the child to walk, live, behave, decide, embrace, endure, and pursue that way so that during the process of maturing they remain fully engaged in destiny pursuit and fulfillment.

While it is possible to produce children without fathering them, it is not possible to produce inheritors without preparing them in a fathering spirit.

Several dysfunctions plague God’s fathering strategy, and hell has worked to diminish its effectiveness both naturally and spiritually – naturally diminish it as a means of spiritually diminishing it to the end that children attempt to both discover their destinies and train themselves in destiny fulfillment, and fathers produce children without preparing inheritors.

Fathering is never perfect, but neither is being fathered. That is why the spirit and power of Elijah turns hearts of fathers to children and children to fathers. Children must be taught obedience and submission so that “as they grow older” they continue to walk in the discovery and training of their fathering relationship.

Fathering is God’s strategy for the fulfillment of kingdom purpose, for trans-generational kingdom purposes. All kingdom purpose require more than one spiritual generation to complete. When any one generation fails or falters, the purpose of God is secured – preserved and reserved – for a future, faithful generation; the purpose cannot be destroyed, but the purpose can be hidden.

That is, God desires to pass on purpose to inheritors prepared for greater fulfillment of purpose in their generation by fathers. Fathers are carriers of purpose, originators of purpose.

Revisiting Paul’s point: “many teachers can train, but fathers can discover the way a child should go.” Certainly teachers have a lot of authority to discipline, but teachers much less awareness of purpose for the education than fathers. Education can occur with little or no destiny fulfillment in mind since teachers can be free to speak of potential more than purpose. Fathers cannot speak to potential since they are tasked with the discovery of purpose.

A Wandering and Wasteful Generation

Without a father, a son is a prodigal, wandering and wasting. Dysfunctional fathers give sons inheritances they are unprepared to invest and effectively steward simply because they are sons and give their fathers ultimatums. Dysfunction sons walk away from the discovery and training that fathers provide only to join themselves to a stranger who uses and abuses the son for what the stranger can gain; strangers do not value purpose. Dysfunctional sons join themselves with lovers that cannot produce inheritors, leaving their lineage completely bereft of purpose.

God transfers purpose in kingdom resets when there remains no proper lineage for inheritance. The purpose isn’t lost but hidden like an underground river that breaks through solid rock even more pure when it hits the sunlight again than it was before being hidden! The purpose rediscovered seems like a revelation only because the hidden has been revealed: what was running underground all along is now a part of the landscape.

Christianism is filled with wandering and wasteful children! Fed full by teachers who titillate their minds about potential, they wandering about wasting themselves with pursuits that fail to lead them to destiny fulfillment. They do not discover the what-God-wants for their lives and continue to countenance themselves by the mold of this world. Teachers are not bad in this scenario, but the fattening of children on truth about the Truth leads children to assume they can appropriate truth for their own purposes. Nothing brings greater kingdom inflation than the use of truth about the Truth!

Fathers apply the Truth to purpose and destiny! Truth about the truth causes wandering sometimes called “adventure” and other times called “dreaming.” The vast ocean of potential becomes a place of wonder to children fattened on the truth about the Truth. Heavily loaded with this cargo, they set out on the uncharted ocean potential thinking they can “be anything they set their minds to be.”

Of course, this is why God brought confusion to the Tower or Babel and ultimately narrowed the fathering spirit to Noah and his three sons for an historic and unprecedented kingdom reset, The Flood.

God isn’t interested in His children finding their destinies through self-discovery! God never leaves purpose to floundering, flopping, fluttering randomness! God has design, strategy, supply, wisdom, Truth, revelation, leadership, discipline, and discipling in mind. God is a Father who designed His world to function through fathering!

Beware the humanism that celebrates potential and ignores purpose. Beware the narcissism that sees self-discovery and self-realization as a strategy for dreams, designs, and destiny. Beware the modern American individualism that leads to lawlessness in the kingdom, every man for himself, “get them before they get you,” and “if you don’t fight for yourself, you’ll never get ahead.” These are concepts hatched in hell, contrary to everything Jesus says and does.

Jesus never wandered or wasted. Jesus watched and listened until the very last moment when He made a final surrender to His Father, a final surrender of personal destiny and purpose. Jesus never spent one moment of His life pursuing His potential: such a thought would have been so foreign to His mind that it would have caused Him to turn His back and say, “Get behind me, satan!”

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