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Jacksonville is the “River City” because the St John’s divides the downtown and dominates the landscape and directional characteristics of the area. Beginning in the marsh lands in the middle of Florida, the river runs north. When it arrives at Duval County, it begins to take over, opening a wide expansion of water as it enters the downtown only to narrow as it reaches the Main Street Bridge. Here, at this narrow spot, the cattle were forded the river in the early days, and the originating name, “Cowford,” was a moniker for the city.

As the river passes this pinch point and slithers further toward the ocean, it forms a very obvious dragon’s head appearance, and dredging the channel has created an eye for the dragon.


The dragon displays the Leviathan spirit that the enemy has developed on the point of originating purpose for the nation. The Leviathan is the king of pride, and the Leviathan spirit produces prideful deception. (Refer to Job’s description of the Leviathan.) At the cultural level, Leviathan produces a systematic delusion based upon prideful deception and captures the people of a culture with strong delusions. America presently suffers from this spiritual ruler, authority, and cosmic dominator identifiable by the character of the spiritual condition it produces.

Timucua Defeat Alligators

The first nation’s people of North Florida defeated alligator, the natural Leviathan, by attacking its open mouth.


They would cut down a pine tree, trim its branches, and run the tree into the open mouth of the alligator until the exposed internal organs were pierced through and the alligator died. As depicted in this drawing made at the time of this incidence, the impossibly powerful Leviathan protected by impenetrable skin, operating with overwhelming speed and strength, was vulnerable when he opened his mouth.

The Appeal to Heaven Movement

We are presently engaged in a kingdom strategy of prayer and warfare to reclaim the covenant purposes of America called “An Appeal to Heaven” led by Dutch Sheets who was assigned to lead this movement by a revelatory dream confirmed many times by other prophetic leaders.

The Appeal to Heaven recalls the first flag of the US used by Washington in the Revolutionary War. The flag depicted an evergreen tree with “An Appeal to Heaven” written on it, referring to presuppositions of liberty upon which the Declaration of Independence had been based, fundamentals of law and government that called for a new nation with the God’s purposes written into its foundations.


Upon this prophetic symbolism, Operation PineTree will fly the banner over the river while a boat sails into the city making a renewed Appeal to Heaven for the origination purposes of our nation from the First Coast. Operation PineTree will occur July 4, 2016. This is the 240th anniversary of our Declaration when the appeal became official.

Meaning of 240

Meaning of 240 is “The Tree of Life!”




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