Prayer Alert!

Please read all of this email for the entire strategy from Dutch Sheets. Let faith arise in you. Consider fasting and taking communion beforehand. Intercede for the other state leaders as they make their decrees.

** We are asking each of our FreedomHouse shareholders to join together from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM on Wednesday early morning, December 2nd at FH. We will be praying and making declarations together for an hour. Each state will declare for 3 minutes and Florida's time is at 1:48am**

Here is Clay Nash's dream:

Dreamed morning of Sept 9 that Dutch issued a call to rally to a point very close to Cape Henry. The group was not large, 8 or less. He instructed the team to fast, pray and consecrate ourselves to the Lord before setting foot on the land.

As the team obeyed and sought God, dreams were received—dreams of a wave of awakening being released, sweeping across the nation. A clear strategy was revealed to start a prayer initiative, beginning in the first States to form our Nation, to the last.

Dutch then said we were ready to set foot on the land, at the Cross, and see the “Well of Oaths” opened and freed, to flow across the America.

Once we arrived at Cape Henry, the Cloud of Witnesses appeared and Rees Howells stepped forth to pray over us. His prayer said, “Let those assigned to break up the fallow ground plow deep, in order that the soil of this nation be prepared for the seeds of righteousness to be sown. This will result in an abundant harvest...a harvest that will come with such abundance and so quickly that the harvester will overtake the sower. And let the preparers of the soil do a quick work in order that the sower not delay the harvest.”

Howells then took his coat off and placed it on Dutch’s shoulders, saying, “this is the coat I wore during World War II, and must be worn by the Ekklesia in order to see the Kingdom harvest at hand.”

Rees then hugged Dutch —like a father would a son —and said, “the training is finished, it’s time to go to war...and OCTOBER will see the turning of the war.” He held up a scroll with a wax seal on it and said, “this seal will be broken in OCTOBER, and the words from it will be activated, and will release a holy awe.”

The “well of covenant” is now flowing from America’s covenant root at Cape Henry.

It is our Beersheba. (Everlast, Evergreen)

Here is Steven Springer's dream:

In a dream I had on 11/28/2020, I saw Independence Hall and the large clock tower! An Angel came and stood on top and shouted, “When the clock strikes 3:00am, Valkyrie will fall and will not sing, if the sons of the Kingdom will pray!” I then saw fervent prayer taking place in the night and through the night and it caused the witchcraft and curse to bounce back to the sender!

There was then another group of warriors awakened, clothed in battle array, that was surrounded and led by a host of angels! One of the angels declared repeatedly, “The Commander’s judgments are supreme!!!” It energized the warriors and they joined in with the declaration!

I then saw the scales tip and became perfectly balanced!!!"

We need the night watchmen to arise praying through the night! There is a tremendous force of Kingdom Warriors awaken with the host of heaven backing them up!!! This has to do with the elections, the soul of USA and the global harvest that is at hand!!!

Here is Dutch's direction to the states:

I believe perhaps Clay’s Cape Henry dream that mentions a prayer strategy, starting with the first state and moving to the last state, is connected to Steven Springer’s Valkyrie dream. I’ve been waiting for the strategy since September. Here’s the portion of Clay’s dream: “...A clear strategy was revealed to start a prayer initiative, beginning in the first States to form our Nation, to the last...”

The strategy is as follows: Each state will make the decree I will write for three minutes, starting with the first state, Delaware, at 12:30 AM...then the second state, Pennsylvania, for 3 minutes at 12:33AM...and so on, it would take 2 1/2 hours for all 50 states to do it. If we start at 12:30 AM Eastern Time, It will end at 3:00 AM. That’s when the angel in Steven’s dream said Valkyrie would fall. There will be a team that will make a decree over the nation from Philadelphia at 3 AM. This will complete the strike.

For insight I found this: The German Operation Valkyrie was “a plan to take over the country,” just like the left is attempting. The name Valkyrie means, “choosers of the fallen or slain”. They were the Norse mythical goddesses who decided who was slain on the battlefield.

When I sat down Sunday morning at 4:44 AM to have tea, I turned the TV on as I typically do to watch news and help me wake up. The FIRST thing that came up on my TV screen was an ad for a documentary. I backed it up, froze it and took a pic:  “Operation Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler!!!!!”

I know this was a powerful confirmation. God is saying we are winning! And the plot to take over will fail.


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