Prophesy Your Dream So That People Receive the Message, Not the Dream

I dream quite a bit. I share my dreams all the time. When I share the dreams, you usually do not hear anything about the dream. I share the applicable and implementable conclusion of the simple revelation God provides in the dream.

The maturity we seek in hearing and seeing comes in communicating.

  1. Be very careful about leaving the impression that your dream should be shared as a “superior form of revelatory communication that causes people to know that God has spoken to me.” Being a person with dreams and visions do not elevate the prophetic revelation higher than other prophetic operations. Your visionary impressions, including visiting Heaven or Hell, do not make you John the Beloved or a “Revelator” as if the other prophets and apostles should stand by and hold their collective breath while you present historical truths.
  2. It requires interpretation. It is not a higher form of “spiritual” that you present with a sense of “God spoke this special.” It is intense to you, but that should produce communication for others, not a celebration of your “otherness.” That is, if the dream is to be shared with others at all, share the interpretation, application, and implementation, and if you do not have the authority to present them, share the dream with leaders who do.
  3. You dream in a way that speaks to you, and you should assume that your perspective in the dream cannot be separate from the presentation of the dream. Without your perspective and the meaning of words and images, we are lost in our efforts to find the full meaning. You dreamed the dream. You have the spiritual impression that came with the dream. You know by revelation something you cannot receive through the process. You just know something. And, that is key to the dream.
  4. Dream interpretation begins with you, and your end-result feeling from the experience is vital. To merely share the dream like a story diminishes its intended revelation. God involved you in the revelation process so you would be included in the understanding of the message. If you think of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – the one he forgot – you still realize that the king needed to hear the dream itself before the interpretation of the dream could be applied and implemented.
  5. Write it down. You will realize that you know more than you thought. And, you value the dream by writing it down.
  6. The scope of the dream is usually personal. When it is not, because you are a leader with a scope or metron of oversight authority, the dream may be for the team of eldering leaders, may be for the entire world, may be for your family or one person, or a dream of strategic intercession shared with those who hear your leadership voice. The dream should be shared in the same scope as its application and implementation by the person or a person with that scope of oversight authority. You cannot apply the dream or implement the dream beyond your scope even though you are the one who received the dream. Many people mistakenly assume that dreams about nations mean they are global leaders when they are regional watchmen, and any attempt to use the scope of dreams to define your metron is spurious.
  7. Dreams are often coded. Usually, the coding is straightforward because the message is simple. Do not assume the dream requires an encyclopedia-sized analysis. You can get bogged down in details about the eagle’s left-eye eyelashes and jump to conclusions about the intention of Holy Spirit in giving you the dream by overthinking. You will have stepped out of the moment of revelation when you do this. You will be doing color commentary on the dream instead of interpreting and applying it.

Nearly every dream shared awakens someone else to remember a dream they had as well. It is good to share, but the thing that awakens them is not your dream but the interpretation and application of the dream. They will say, “Oh, that reminds me of my dream” because there are similarities in presentation more than a similarity of dreams.

Dream on! Develop the disciplines of communication to share the interpretation of dreams as a prophetic word for judgment and implementation. I read many poorly-applied dreams where people jump to conclusions foreign to the dream or its meaning. Prophecy the dreams as you learned to process what you saw in the spirit.

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