Prophetic Process: Interpretation

Immediately we receive revelation and communicate it by writing or speaking, or meditate upon it by recalling or rehearsing the vision, dream, impression, or revelation, we are preparing for interpretation of the revelation. Interpretation speaks to the purpose of the revelation, helps us learn what to do with the revelation, and better understand what God is communicating to us and through us.

Interpretation is necessary because of the limitations of language, code, symbols, and linguistic nuance. That is, God speaks from what He thinks, a limited revealing of some aspect of His eternal mind. He shares with us spiritually because God is Spirit.

Note Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 2: “To the spiritual all things are spiritual. His Spirit searches everything and shows us God’s hidden secrets.” And, “we understand these things because we have the mind of Christ.”

The “understand these things” part has to do with interpretation, and it is a learned spiritual skill unlike the “gift of interpretation of spiritual languages” that give a “by the spirit” knowing of what the message in tongues says without the conscious mind processing the spiritual knowing.

Communication and interpretation involve our minds in the prophetic process. We apply what we know and understand in our renewed minds to God’s revelations.  We understand what His words mean, His symbols mean, His codes mean, and what His intentions for the revelation are. We do this imperfectly, and we learn to do this better through experience, remaining teachable and transformable, fighting the distractions and substitutions hell offers us to cloud or pervert the revelation.

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