Providential Pathway: Identity, Christ, and Process

The Involved God symphonically orchestrates All to the good of those that love Him, people appointed, chosen, ordained, and authorized (by His intention) to produce His purposes.

You have created dispositional tendencies that observation and measuring tools can identify.

  • You have spiritual gift tendencies that discernment and development can discover and hone.
  • You have a discernable and discoverable calling for which kingdom leaders prepare and position you for operation within the building, body, and bride of Christ.
  • You have a Providential pathway that prophetically reveals God’s hand and direction in your mundane life and history, indicating His responses to your experiences.
  • You have a revelation of being God’s adopted inheritor, clouded by limited understanding but existent, that aids in your development of self-worth.
  • You have redemptive experiences of spiritual birth and the fullness of God that produce a SpiritFirst capacity for living life.
  • You have revelation information in the Bible available to explain Who God is and how Providence works as well as “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” to build a mind-of-Christ worldview and information processing mindset.
  • You have consistent and constant discipline from the Father aided by spiritual fathers and installed by natural fathers to address your strength of will for endurance and deepening of submission.

All these contributions of God to your life assists you and your leaders in bringing you to ultimate “who you are” conditions. These also contribute to identity. 

You first identify with Christ because He identified with you to receive the freedom the Son provides from bondages, deceptions, delusions, rejection, shame, and installed and embedded lies protected by castles of spiritual construction that enslave your thoughts away from obedience to Christ. Jesus identified with all these human syndromes, defeated them, and took them to the Cross.

You then identify in Christ because you are born a child and inheritor, an equal heir with Jesus who inherits All. You become a partner in His involved intercession to produce God’s purposes by spiritual power and authority, partnering with and representing Christ in this identity. That redefines the parameters for your personal worth from those available in the world’s mold to those that your transformed mind proves as the “what-God-wants” of your life and your influence as His equal inheritor.

Then, as a mature inheritor working with a spiritual father, you discern and discover a revelation of identity from Christ. This requires a life submitted to the process of pathos that produces your ultimate through which you become a source of some aspect of the inheritance of All things Jesus inherits.

“Though He was a Son, still He learned obedience by submitting to the process of pathos that produced His ultimate, becoming the Source of Eternal Rescue to all who obey Him” (Hebrews 5:8).

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