The term “false” or “psuedo” doesn’t refer so much to evil or false words as it does to evil or false intentions. That is, the “psuedo-prophet” speaks a different destiny or purpose than God. This especially true of the python spirit, the oracle of false destiny and purpose: speaking true words about Paul that were spoken with the wrong intentions, agenda, and motivations. A prophet who prophesies inaccurately may not be prophesying at all, may be prophesying immaturely, or may be prophesying with a motivation to establish themselves more than the word or revelation they’ve received – yet, they did hear and see a word from The Lord.

Jeremiah says, “The Word of The Lord came to me.” Where did it come from? The word of The Lord came from the heart of the Father where it had been preserved and reserved for the moment of it release and revealing. The word that arrived revealed that the word had been in God’s heart for some time: “in your mother’s womb I knew you and ordained you.”

The Word of The Lord comes from the heart of God, arrives to and through the heart of the prophet, communicates through the prophet, but that word of The Lord should be released and received with the same intention and motivation and passion of the Father’s Heart in order to establish the what-God-wants of Divine will. The preparation of a prophet is a whole lot more than training to hear and see! Beware the tendency to prove that God speaks today by dumbing down the revelation process to mere communication skills. It is relatively easy to teach people to hear and see since they possess such spiritual capacities anyway; what requires greater skill and expertise is making men and women of revelatory integrity! This process requires more than a weekend exposure to the fun side of revelation.

I have seen children speak the word of The Lord, but they seldom speak it with God’s heart. I have seen adults operate at the same level of revelatory accuracy in terms of hearing and seeing with the same level of passionless performance. They seemed delighted they “got it right” – hi-fives around the room! That is the easy part. The prophetic we need for foundational material requires a great deal more preparation because the prophet must become acquainted with the heart of God! This experience crushes the strongest with the pain of unfulfilled destiny and purpose.

Having God’s heart will reveal death as well as life, pain as well as pleasure, frustration as well as faith, the end as well as the beginning. “The burden of The Lord” crushes the human soul. Such preparation will allow for fun, facts, fakes, false, and fracture. The prophet experiences enough to discover God’s heart is a lot bigger than previously thought! The passion of His heart is a consuming fire!

Kindness and Severity

Of course, that means prophets may speak both sides of God’s will to a person, place, or generation. One may speak of revival while another speaks of destruction or judgment. God will certainly be doing both at the same time! Seeing both the kindness and severity of God does not produce contradiction or confusion. There is something restorative in redemption, but there is also something destructive in redemption. Some things can be redeemed but some things must be destroyed.

Some prophets are speaking overtly positive words that seem more than positive confessions of “God is good all the time to everybody.” They appear to be prophesying to obligate God to do some things they recognize to be consistent with God’s heart, but their prophetic speech lacks the same passion and purpose of God’s motivations. For example, some people fall into a delightful delusion that Awakening Revival is going to make everybody happy with God and His people, and everybody is going to come running to God with one voice and mind. TD Jakes will be president and Franklin Graham will be Secretary of Health and Human Services and every representative will talk in tongues. They are prophesying an irresistible revelation of God’s love because they have that personal sense of love. They seem to think as soon as a few heathens get saved, every heathen will embrace them with joy. They think every pastor and leader of every church is going to fall on their knees and repent of religion. They are ready for joy unspeakable and full of glory as a parade theme for the Fourth of July parade in every city of the nation!

They can’t see the deaths of Ananias and Sapphira because they are prophesying Peter’s shadow healing and setting free. They see that hardened hearts will be softened and assume every hardened heart will be softened. They are speaking from a “God wants everybody saved” point of view, but they are speaking from a place of limited exposure to Father’s heart. They are also speaking from a limited understanding, a spiritual innocence about the reality of our culture. They are prophesying magic want transformation.

Transformation isn’t the great avoidance behavior of God! Transformation means upheaval, shattered walls and breached dams. Transformation will have a hall of fame for martyrs like Stephen, room for administrative leadership to settle disputes over attention, supply, and distribution. Transformation means the destruction some things, the emptying out of some things, the discarding of some things. Transformation isn’t heavy makeup, it is extreme makeover!

Prophets feel both mercy and justice. Mercy is about time, not ignorance. God ignores things that grieve Him and stand as obstacles to His will so that people will have time to repent and change, not because He “doesn’t want to do anything that might frighten or inconvenience someone.” Mercy doesn’t mean God is purposefully stupid about reality so He can continue to feel better about the mess men are making. Nor does mercy mean God isn’t involved. Mercy simply means that God didn’t send you to hell for eternity the first time you sinned, that He gave you time to repent, change, and fulfill assigned destiny and purpose.

The passion God had for you when He created and called you when you momma didn’t even know you were there doesn’t dissipate, but that passion can burn as hot as hell itself. Just the devil! God is merciful because of something other than Love. He is love but He is something other than love as well. Mercy and truth can be in the same room at the same time!

That is, God will do miracles that raise some people from the dead while killing someone else for lying to the Holy Spirit! God’s passion can say, “Rise and be healed!” while saying, “Drop dead!” Peter announced the heart of God to Ananias and Sapphira without warning either of God’s decision or judgment on the matter. He allowed them to condemn themselves openly and on purpose. That isn’t diabolical. That is Divine. And, that overwhelms people and prophets unaccustomed to experiencing the whole heart of God. Judgment begins at God’s house!

Confusing Reaping and Judgment

People confuse confession and repentance. We confess to be forgiven. We repent to be changed. God is into both! Forgiveness isn’t the great avoidance behavior of the Divine. Forgiveness means that the power of sin is removed so the consequences may be dealt with in mercy. That is, mercy means we don’t get what we deserve. Mercy also means we get what we don’t deserve. Mercy doesn’t mock. Sowing and reaping are different from judgment. Mercy may postpone the consequences, or mercy may overwhelm the consequences, but mercy doesn’t mock the consequences. “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.”

In other words, America is reaping what American sowed. Is America facing judgment? America is under judgment now and has been for some time, but people often cannot tell the difference between judgment and reaping. They see reaping as judgment when reaping what we’ve sown is always tempered with mercy as much as judgment is.

Consider the verse from the Psalms – “He gave them their request but sent leanness to their souls.” When the people ate the flesh they demanded, being tired of manna, thousands of people died. Judgment or harvest? When David numbered the people, he recognized that he wanted to receive the judgment from God’s hands instead of his enemies’ because he knew something about mercy. The difference is important for us to recognize God’s communications in the proper light, to deal wisely with God’s revelations in terms of applying and implementing His decisions.

Understanding God’s Love

Psuedo-prophets apply human definitions to the God’s revelation of love. God is love. Defining “love” with human definitions will always result in an inadequate sense of Divine intention. Many people miss the Father’s affectionate interventions in their lives by attributing discipline from God to the devil! Amazingly, people make God their enemy, apply warfare principles to their deepest need for maturing Providence. Yet, to really understand how God deals with people, nations, and generations, we need an expanded revelation of the meaning and motivation of love. Father disciplines true children He loves with painful experiences that produce the “peacable fruit of righteousness.”

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